Friday, September 25, 2009

NOW I'm Ready

Guess who I got to meet??

Yup, Cookie A!

Cookie came to Crazy 4 Ewe to teach classes this weekend, and seeing as how I'm an excellent educator, I was given Friday afternoon off (I busted my butt and did some extra training earlier in the week, after a full school day). So, I was able to attend a class on reading charts, given by Cookie Friday afternoon.

She was wonderful, and even though my sister and I were a bit late (couldn't seem to find the street without a STREET SIGN - thanks, Solomon's Island!), she had no problem catching us up to the rest of the class (with a bit of help from the lovely Ellen, of Crazy 4 Ewe), and we were reading cable charts in no time! See:

She was a wealth of information, since I'd done cables before, but not necessarily from a chart, and NEVER something that twisty-turn-y! I was very happy with myself, and plan on using the beginning swatch that you see above to extend into a cute lil' scarf from SpinOff magazine. I have some handspun that will be an outer shell to the strip that I'll knit as one long, winding cable. Progress photos will help, and I should be posting soon!

Also during her class, she had a lovely "bag O tricks" - she emptied out a huge sack full of . . . wait for it . . . all the socks she's designed. O.M.G. Makes me wish I truly had an inkling to knit socks again!!! They were gorgeous. Her gauge is perfect and machine-like, and of course, her color choices are outstanding!

I think my sister was duly inspired - she purchased a book and asked for Cookie's autograph and everything. We followed her and Ellen back to the yarn store after the class, and had a good time picking around a store that was new to us - see Crazy 4 Ewe is a mini-chain (!) and we're patrons of the La Plata store, which is much, much closer to our house! I managed to find some Shaeffer yarn on sale (!!!) and wound up buying two skeins of Schaefer Yarn's "Nancy" in the Rosa Parks colorway(!). I might try to copy the cardigan Amy did with this, but for right now, I'm just happy to have 1200 yards of this colorway in my stash - it's my favorite!

So, now you see why I was so tired - after such a great, busy day, all I wanted to do was rest (even though I actually knit a bit more on my cable strip and THEN rested!).

It was a very nice day!



Blogger Rani said...

Isn't that. . . yes, but . . .

wait a sec - I have GOT to hear this!

oh, and it's 12:34 AM here and yeah I'm tired too, but ...


10:31 PM  
Blogger marit said...

Lucky you!!!

10:17 AM  
Blogger Nik said...

I hate a good way ;D For I am jealous that you got to meet THE COOKIE.

1:49 PM  

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