Monday, August 10, 2009

Circle Cardigan

After an entire summer of knitting, I'm FINALLY finished with the Vogue Knitting Circle Cardigan. This knit is beautiful, but it takes A. LOT. of patience!!

I really like it, and I'm really glad that I finished it in time for the beginning of school. My building is famous for blasting the A/C, so I always need a little something to help out! Staff meetings in the library are notoriously cold as well!

Here it is:

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece - 5 skeins (I JUST tapped into the 5th skein, so I'll knit up a chemo cap with the rest)
Size - Larger
Modifications - the yarn I used was a bit of a bigger gauge, so mine is a bit bigger than others out there, but then again, I'm a bit bigger than others out there, so SCORE! I also left 9" open for the armholes (again, probably because I'm a bit bigger than the supermodel who's modeling it in the magazine). Other than that, I knit according to the directions, which were great (besides the little rant over semicolons - see my RAV notes!)

I also spun up a little skein (131 yards) of some California Red wool for the Spinner's Study group I'm in on Ravelry. Each month we "study" two different fibers - those who knit it share their experiences and findings for the good of the rest of the group. Such a sacrifice!

What I found was this - if oriented the fiber the right way to spin (the way it came off the factory machines, I'm assuming - it would spin nicely up with a long-draw style. The fiber I had was also very "rustic" feeling and would be ideal for outer wear or a vest, but nothing like a scarf or socks - not something you'd want next to the skin. Now that it's spun up and two-plied, I feel the same. BUT! The thing that endears this fiber to me is the RED hairs in the fleece that, when spun up, give the fiber a bit of a tweedy look - very interesting! I hope it comes out in the pictures:

Tomorrow, I hope to try dyeing this stuff up with some easter-egg dyes. I'm leaning towards a yellow or a green. I want the red hairs to still be visible, so I'm going to probably stay away from the blues or reds . . . I'll post my results later on in the week!

Hope everyone's having a great summer. Stay cool - it's finally gotten hot here, and besides the school shopping that I just HAD to get out of the way, I'm only venturing outside to go to the pool if this keeps up!



Blogger Heather said...

The cardigan and the yarn.

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