Wednesday, July 08, 2009

TDF Check-In

This is a progress pic for my TDF spinning. So far, I've spun up these two bobbins that I plan to ply together - one is the "Cowboy Up" fiber in red, white, and blue, from Copperpotwoolies. The other (that I finished spinning last night) is some plain navy blue mohair. I think the two together will be wonderful. I am ready to ply, and that's today's main project.

I also want to spin up the rest of the teeswater/alpaca that I blended on my combs. I might even try navajo plying with that, since I STILL need to learn that lil' trick!

After that, I plan to andean ply some small bits of fiber that is currently taking up space on a few bobbins so that I have free bobbins for this Friday's spinning group meeting.

The Baltimore Spinners meet at Cloverhill Yarn Shop in Catonsville every 2nd and LAST Friday of the month, and lately we have been spinning different types of things together as a group. The last idea was to spin singles - I did one skein of a BFL fiber named "Emerge" from CJ Copek. The last skein/braid is still to come on the TDF plan! BUT! This time, we are going to take a lesson from Jody - a fabulous spinner in the group who is fond of art yarns. She's going to teach us how to do some of her tricks, so I need free bobbins, and to select a fiber to play with. That will be the last item on my "to-do" list for my free part of the day.

Sounds like a good afternoon to me!



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