Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Interrupt This Bleak Silence. . .

. . to give a BIG, BIG THANK YOU! to Helen, aka "Perry" who I'm spoiling this time around in the HSKS5. Yes, I'm supposed to be spoiling her, but she sent me a happy birthday song that SHE SANG HERSELF!!!! WOW - no one has ever given me a song before! She totally rocks, and now I'm thinking I'd best get to finding a rockin' bag to spoil her with, 'cause she CLEARLY knows something about spoiling people! Wow!

In other news, Robin started a new group in Ravelry - the Classic Elite Knitters. Come on by and join us - the reward is knitting up some great tops and garments to add to your wardrobe. Punish me!



Blogger Robin said...

Thanks for telling everyone about the Classic Elite Knitters!! I am going to cast on for another CE project as soon as I finish Ophelia (couple days from now.)

4:12 AM  

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