Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sister O' Mine, Look Away!

I FINALLY finished Sooper Seekrit. Although she knows they are for her, maybe my sister won't look too closely at these pictures? Who knows. I am sure she will like them, having seen them or not - when her feet are warm and snuggly, she won't care if the surprise has been spoiled (will you??).

So, here they are. . .

This is the first socks I have knit with any of the Potters Covers yarn from Dharmafey, and I must say (again), she is BLOODY BRILLIANT! Not only would I never have figured these colors would look good together (they totally do), but her depth into each story/illustration/book is really amazing. This colorway was from Book 1, HP and the Sorcerer's Stone. And, look closely now. . . there are 'STONES' IN THE FRIGGIN DYE JOB!!! Little flecks of red that take up almost exactly one, single stitch. Just like a stone. Un-believeable. I love it!

I first grabbed this yarn thinking - I need to make my sister a pair of socks for her cold feet this Winter, and what better to use than Potters Covers since, as she has already been quick to remind me (before she knew that they were, indeed for her, that she is the one who introduced me to all things HP. But that's a story for another time.

After I started knitting, I thought - 1. Man, this yarn has a great sheen to it! 2. I'm lovin' how the colors make bands together that go around the sock. and 3. I wonder if my sister will send me HER Sorcerer's Stone yarn if I send these to her???? (Cause, see, a couple times I considered knitting them in MY size instead of hers. . . I know, I know, but look closely at the pictures, the heel is totally too short for me - they're hers all the way!!!)

I can't wait to knit up another pair of socks from the Covers club. I'm thinking I should start with the latest - Half Blood Prince, which is purple and green, for St. Patrick's Day. If I do manage to get them cast on before the end of the month, I'll go for it.

Here's the scoop:

Yarn - Dharmafey's Potters Covers sock club in "Sorcerer's Stone"
Pattern - Wendelin socks, from Quietish (BRILLIANT toe-up pattern)
Size - I followed the pattern pretty much exactly for this, although I did alter it a bit for my first HP pal (hi, Rani!) who has very thin, delicate ankles - I only used 56 stitches for hers.
Time to knit - FOR-E-VAH (I have knitting ADD)

I'm off to cast on for a baby hat, since I finished an item. Nope, nevermind that I have several works in progress, or that I have a set of socks who need their toes straightened out, or that I cast on for another Juliet on Sunday. I care not. There's a baby coming (and soon), and I need to get knitting! Think I can make it by tomorrow night's yoga class???????



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What neat socks! I'm sure your sister will love them.

6:29 AM  
Anonymous jenn said...

I didn't peak! I promise. Good thinking of putting the picture down the page! LOL

5:39 AM  

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