Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Times

Twice a year, The Boy's school closes down for two days in a row in order for the teachers to meet with parents - parent conference days. With my busy-as-he&& class this year, I said I was going to take one of those days off for a "date day" with The Boy. That was this past Thursday. We had a lovely day. The weather entertained us immensely. Just look:

Make sure to look closely - that's the Washington Monument behind him! We had planned already planned to go to The Mall when we realized there was a snowstorm in the forecast. I've never been down there before when it was snowing, and we figured riding METRO was a bit better than driving our car down, so we went. It was GORGEOUS!!!

We went to the Natural History museum. While we were there, we caught an IMAX 3-D movie about sea creatures (wonderful), and finally, finally, finally, the boy is interested in stopping to look at the displays, not just running a-muck through the crowds! He was reading the names of the animal skeletons and insects to me (the insect museum is open again, by the way), and loved interacting with the tons of "touch me" stuff in the mammal exhibit. Of course, the mommy/teacher in me LOVED that he was sounding out/trying to read the stuff on his own. He's finally getting into this reading thing, and I LOVE IT!!! We had such a good day. What made it even better was, I didn't have to put up with my wiggly class on a snow-day! Wahoooo!! What good timing!

I've got more to post about recent yarn acquisitions (hey, I'm in a few swaps, so I HAD to. . . . right????), but I'll post about that later. I hear my washing machine calling me!



Blogger Nik said...

You know, I have always heard about "date days" between daddies and daughters, but never between mommies and sons. I really think that that was a good idea. I'm glad you had fun.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi from your Cocoa Swap Pal!
So nice you had a good time with your son. I saw on the weather channel that your area was getting a winter storm.

9:26 AM  

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