Tuesday, January 01, 2008


2008 Resolutions

Be Healthier

~Develop a steady yoga practice – I was introduced to yoga this past August, and loved how it helped relieve the pain in my back. I invested in a CD, downloaded some podcasts, and went to a class or two outside of the original one that ended in November. I did notice a slight change (drop) in my weight during this whole time, but also and more importantly, noticed changes in my body, my energy level, and how good I felt. I resolve to make yoga a part of my life in a big way – Monday classes at a local studio (plus Kids classes for The Boy), and investing in a portable CD player to keep in my room-turned-yoga studio!

~Eat 7 fruits/vegetables each day – I did this during my healthy/college years and felt (and looked) great. I resolve to go back to this plan, keeping a diary to track my progress. I DO NOT resolve to diet or to “get to XXX pounds by XXXX date” - hopefully ever again. I know eating better makes me feel better and gives me more energy, and therefore this is my only dietary resolution.

~Drink more water and less coffee – this is a big one for me. I drink two cups of coffee every day – and the first is usually a honking big cup that I stretch all morning long while I teach. I plan to limit this to my ONLY cup and skip the after-dinner cup (most days). Can’t guarantee every day (cause I do love me some coffee), but I know the caffeine is not the best for the system, so I plan to replace the urge by drinking more water.

Be A Better Mother

~Spend more quality time with The Boy - less "good, he wants to watch a movie" and more "let's find a fun way to help him with his violin practice or reading/math skills" or "let's do something so he'll remember having fun with me, not me fussing!"

~Be a better example of what to do in everyday life - this covers a wide range of boo-boos, from being unorganized, to being lazy, to fibbing to get things to go my way (a big pet peeve when I see others do it - go figure!).

~Stop fussing so much and do more talking.

Be A Better Teacher

~Be more organized - my desk is a horrible example of organizational skills. Mental note - next school year, put desk at the back of the classroom!

~Be more positive.

~Do less fussing - see note above!

So that's about it for this year. I love when people say "I don't believe in resolutions." I imagine that those people have their lives together and wouldn't change a thing about themselves. That is NOT me. Maybe next year!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are all great resolutions, you obviously put some thought in to them. Do you think mom/dad would notice if you switched the evening coffee to decaf? : )

9:48 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

Wow - lots of great resolutions there! I think it is always easier to resolve to do something (like eat 7 fruits and vegetables) than to resolve *not* to do something, so I really like that resolution. That one would be challenging for me, but I can imagine the rewards would be worth it!

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great resolutions! Especially the one about not dieting...it's all about living healthy all the time, not for 2 weeks. And I'd have a hard time with the coffee one, too...I try & limit myself to one cup anyway, but sometimes an afternoon cup hits the spot. Good luck on reaching all these!

8:02 AM  

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