Friday, December 28, 2007

Good Times

I love this time of year. I am sitting in my living room, knitting a sock – currently named “sooper seekrit” – and watching The Boy rip and run and play with his friends Tatiana and Jessica. Jessica is the next-door neighbor, Tatiana is a neighbor from around the corner (but she was a student in my class last year, and she’s an AMAZING child!) I love watching him play. He is so very independent. Comes up with the greatest ideas, and loves to have his friends follow along/like his ideas. Just now I looked up at the top of the hill where they were playing. He happened to be just coming down the hill, and I swear, I saw a vision/flash-forward to him, at about 17/18, walking away from a group of friends and towards me. Handsome as can be. He seemed so “grown” and yet still like my little boy. Ah, well, I could go on and on about him, but that’s another post, for another day.

I was checking on my regular blogs today, (actually hoping that the SKC was close to voting – I’m feeling the urge to cast on for something!), and I saw the name “Elinor” on the sidebar. Wondering if it was the Elinor that I’m familiar with from the Baltimore knitting group, I clicked over. Sure enough, it was her. Hi Elinor! Pretty amazing kid – she is very intelligent, and she taught me the correct pronunciation of one of my favorite knitting patterns – the Clapotis (say Clap-oh-tea – apparently it’s French, which I don’t/didn't know, but she does!). I checked out her blog, which is lovely. She did this meme, and even though I didn’t get in on it/get tagged by it, I’m stealing her idea and doing it here as well!

So, here’s the way it works – this is a Pay It Forward meme. Those of you familiar with the book or the movie know that pay-it-forward means you do something good for someone else, and they in turn do something good, and on and on and on it goes! Great, right? Well, in the Land of Knitting, it’s even better! The first three people to comment on this post will get a yummy knitted giftie from me! The trick is, they then have to do the same on their blog, and knit a giftie for three others!

Now, I can’t guarantee a sweater, afghan, or anything substantial like that, but I do love knitting gifts for others (see this year’s Christmas gifties below!), and I’d love to knit something for you! (or you, or you, or you!) :O)

Comment away! In the meantime, pictures!!!

Here’s The Boy opening up his Christmas sweater (“Thanks, mom. . . “ on to other gifts), then later in the week wore it out to dinner with his dad un-prompted. Yay!

And the hat I made him in-between Christmas knits.

My mom’s scarf is, I hope, with her at work right now, since I can’t find it to get a picture. Hopefully soon!

Here's some more Christmas pictures to tide you over until then.

Santa was a busy man this Christmas Eve! How'd he put this all together so quickly??

"I am Optimus Prime." Santa apparently has no regard for the noise level in the house.

My sister sent a lovely Belarussian nesting doll for my mother. There were 16 dolls in all, I think.
I got a cute little nesting doll as well. Beautifully painted. Santa was good to me this year!

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a pair of handknit socks - these are from my mother to me. They fit perfectly!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't count (obviously), but thank you! Your Christmas looks really sweet. That kid is adorable.

6:36 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

You are a fabulous knitter! And while I do not promise knitted handmade love, handmade for sure.
now that the holidays are behind us, I can pay closer attention to what my bloggy friends are doing!

12:26 PM  

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