Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lack of Posting

Due to the forces that I have been ignoring for the past week, I haven't been posting a heck of a lot. Didja notice?

I seem to have forgotten the fact that a) this is the busiest time of the year, 2) for teachers, that fact is multiplied x1000, and c) I have utterly NO organizational skills.

See what I mean? :O)

But seriously - I am officially on Winter Break. That means I have recorded grades in my gradebook, averaged them out (I do know there are online thingies that will do this for me, but I want to do it myself for a while first, and you still have to have a paper backup, so this year I'm papering it all the way), tallied report cards for all 20 of my students (to be only 19 after break - we'll see for how long!), managed to squeeze in "Christmas" into a curriculum where you're not allowed to talk about "Christ"mas at all, had a cookie decorating party for all of them, let them create a wonderful craft for them to take home to their families (5 of them left them behind - lucky you, cause now you get to see!), and cleaned my room - somewhat - got it ready for January 2nd (yay!), came home and passed out! I'm beat! Here's the craft we did. I think it turned out wonderfully.

Now I'm off to finish Zac's sweater, plus another little goody that shall remain nameless until December 25th.

I hope to have some more posts up before then, but you should see the room I'm sitting in right now. Not fit for human residence, I'm tellin' ya! I've gotta get cleaning!

Hope your life isn't as harried as mine is right now!



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