Thursday, December 06, 2007

Digging Deeper and Deeper (or, What the He&& Are They Thinking?)

Let's address the latter portion of that title first and get it the heck out the way FIRST, shall we??

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, the Good Lord seems to think that I need to be dating at the present moment in my life. Well, I guess I don't HAVE to be, but I am (on and off), and I'm gettin' rather sick of it.

Me: Primp, Prime, up the cute-quotient, put on my best duds.

Them: Turn out to be duds EACH AND EVERY TIME!

Man, can a girl get a break?

The whole time I was out the other night, I kept thinking "Am I really here? I don't want to be here." That just can't be a good thing. Neither can the fact that my "date" took me to see the WORST MOVIE OF THE DECADE. It was "No Country For Old Men" - about a psycho serial killer/hit man! It was awful. The darkest movie I've ever had the displeasure to see. I was scared. Seriously. I almost walked out. I really can't believe that man thought that would be a good date movie! What was he thinking! And to top it off, he actually tried to sneak a couple kisses in there! As if all the romance on the screen was just pushing all the right buttons for me! I don't THINK so!

The one consoling thought I had that evening? Thank GOD I didn't bother shaving for this.

Sad. So sad.

In more enlightening news, I am slowly digging myself into a Christmas crunch knit-wise! Crazy as it seems, I'm actually kinda likin' it!

So far, this is what I plan to knit:

One "loop" scarf for my secret pal at work. (I actually chose someone I'm "friends" with already, so I think I'm safe knitting for her. Plus which, she "asked" for something knitted earlier in the week. You know how non-knitters hint that it would be so NICE if you'd just whip something out for them, too, while you're at it?? Yeah, like that. So, I figured a cute little tuck-in scarf would suffice. I need to have this knit by the 17th.)

A sweater for The Boy. (I'm halfway through with this. It's a raglan sleeved sweater, being done circularly. I'm to the point where the sleeves need to be joined, and I've already knit one complete sleeve, so just one more sleeve, attach 'em and go! I'm calling this the "Skater-Boy" sweater. Hopefully I'll have pictures up this weekend so you can see why.)

Hat (either the Unoriginal or Republic) for my mother. She's really helping out A LOT with The Boy - she gets him up in the morning, packs his lunches, buys him clothes, etc, etc. Not that she wouldn't be going the extra mile for her only grandchild (and a boy at that), but she helps out a lot, and I think she needs an extra little goody. I'll be using some Misti Alpaca chunky that I picked up at Knit Happens last weekend. OMG. Yummy, yummy, yummy!)

Socks for a surprise gift. We'll see if these get done in time. I hope to have these done soon, but if not for Christmas, it won't be too big a deal. I'm sure it's not the only thing on this person's list. They've been pretty good this year!

Also, I'm considering "Square Cake" from the Winter issue of Knitty for my cousin. Her birthday is just after the new year, and she'll be visiting for Christmas. She recently moved to North Carolina, so it's a pretty big deal. That, and she's turning 40. Pretty big deal for a girl, so I'm thinking she needs a handknit. Hope she's not reading!! (Pam, you didn't see this!)

Fun, eh? Top that off with this fact: After the holidays I'm knitting a Clapotis to give to my son's teacher. My mom's doing the one for the assistant. Wish me luck. We're using Brooks Farm yarns, and I'm not going to like giving it away - I can already tell!

So how's your holiday knitting going?



Blogger Jenny said...

My holiday knitting sucks since you got my mojo, lady!! LOL, just kidding. ;) I'm actually done with one, almost done with another, and only have 2 left after that.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

So is this the date that you wore the fancy sweater for? Oh boy!

I made mom a hat too! Of course, yours is going to look much nicer, and she CANNOT wear the one I made her if she wears her crazy pants, which is almost everyday right. Let's just say, RAINBOW BRIGHT! LOL

You've got a busy few days ahead of you.

8:54 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Heh, nope I actually decided to make the Faux Lace scarf from Laure/Aunt Purl. It's turning out wonderful. I want to keep it!!

6:53 AM  

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