Thursday, March 30, 2006

Uhhhhhh . . .

Some of my posts have disappeared and I don't know why. I have no time to figure this out, either. What this means is that I have no pictures on my blog right now. It looks kinda boring. I really like pictures to greet me when I sign in. I also really like pictures of my kid, so I'm posting a new one! Here he is being a cheeseball opening presents on his birthday! He was very happy that Gaggi got him a bath set with soaps, crayons, coloring thingys, and a squishy "rubber" ducky!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I must be crazy. Last night, as I was posting one paper and writing essays for my final exam for one of the constitution classes I have to take for my Arizona certification, I started knitting the alpaca wrap for my mother that I've been meaning to for, oh, I don't know - ages! I came across the yarn the other day while searching for a book (I have yarn stashes all over the place!), and couldn't get the wrap off my mind. Now, granted, I have a pair of socks in progress, two more classes that start today online, and a sweater (Picovoli) that I've already promised my sister that I will be starting later this week when she arrives and I can take her measurements, but I started this thing anyway.

Maybe it's because it was midnight and the house was quiet (after all, how can I knit a Christmas present in front of my mother - have to wait until she is sleeping!), maybe it's because after wool socks, I needed to feel something really, really soft and snuggly on my needles. Whatever it is, it's adding to the insanity, because I started yet another project in the middle of the night last night, and I have absolutely no business doing so! ACK!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


To get started on some new knitting projects. Or just to get some knitting done, period! I am soooooooooooo tired of being too busy to knit. I have been working on socks, which, except for turning heels, and creating gussetts, is mindless knitting, so I can to that AND read boring constitution mumbo-jumbo, but next week I will have boring constitution mumbo-jumbo AND my last class (WOOO HOOOO!) for my Masters. I know the end is coming, but I swear I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet! UGH! The good thing is (maybe) that I will be going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on my birthday (May 6th), which is two days before the official end of my degree work! What great timing. The problem is, I might go insane before then, just waiting to get started on a new project.

In usual crafty/knitty fashion, I have more than enough yarn and projects here to keep me knitting for about a year, at least. That does not stop me from wanting to knit more! Or buy more yummy yarn. Hurry up May 6th, hurry up! Not that I want to be a year older, but I really want some new yarn!

To give an idea of how much I could do here on my own, without buying more yarn, here are some projects just waiting to be cast on and knit (or finished)

Alpaca Brown/grey belted cardigan (need 1/2 front body and two sleeves knit)
Limbo Socks (1/2 sock left to finish, kitchener on 1st sock)
Circular shawl from a class 2 years ago (stuck and can't bring myself to sit down and work it out)

Waiting projects: (as in, have yarn, pattern, and needles waiting to go)
Alpaca shrug for mom's Christmas present
Picovoli for Jennifer's Birthday (high priority - Bday in June)
Wavy Rib Scarf and Cap (from last year's S&W Festival)
Mary Jane Cardigan (Knit Picks)
Madison Scarf (Knit Picks Christmas present)
Socks - Tess's sock yarn Christmas present
Beaded Alpaca lace scarf (Last year's S&W Festival)
Socks for the boy

You get the point - I have plenty, but still need more!! Oh Yeah!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Limbo Mexico sock. Not technically "finished" but close. Notice the ends sticking off the cuff and the toe - JUST enough for this sock! Whew! Posted by Picasa

My Grammy insisting on getting in on the knitting action. Since she can't see, she figures she can at least wind!! You go, Grammy! Posted by Picasa
There is a lot going on in life right now. Finished with student teaching, back at "work" as a classroom assistant, and hating it. The children at Oxon Hill are very different from those at Marlton. It will feel very good to get back there next year for teaching. Until then I will try to focus more on my two little guys than the rest of the class/school.

My own "school" has got me jumping through hoops right now, and not without notice from my son. He was very wound up today and constantly talking/wanting my attention. I had to have a "big boy" talk with him that I'm not sure he understands, about him being patient with mommy and that I will only be doing this school thing for a little while longer, and soon I will be able to concentrate just on him and having fun! Hopefully he will appreciate it one day!

With that said, not getting much knitting done. I have one sock done from my Limbo Mexico yarn. Very interesting. They should be nice and warm! Again, coordinated, though, not matching. The yarn balls this time would have proven impossible to match, though, since the end of one sock (toe) is where the next sock begins (cuff). Funny. Good thing I don't care about matching socks - and who would? If you're going to wear home-made socks with wild stripes (these are yellow and blue, and fair-isle, and green, and purple all together, then you probably don't care if the stripes match up perfectly! The colors are wild and all the same. Good enough for me. I'll post a pic soon. . .

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Grammy's "coordinated" (note, not "matching") socks! Posted by Picasa

Socks complete

Well, almost a month later, I finally finished the socks that I started during the Knitting Olympics! My grandmother can finally have the socks I promised her! I don't know what I was thinking - at the time of the Knitting Olympics I was student teaching, taking a class, and of course there's always "The Boy!" I must have been crazy to think I could do even those socks in that little bit of time. Well, now they are finished and I'm on to other things. I will probably finish the socks I started for myself before I even cast on those for Grammy! They are so warm-looking, and I know I will need them when the warm weather kicks in, because then my feet get cold in the air-conditioning! Then again . . . the yarn is finally here from KnitPicks (Shine in Apple) so that I can knit my sister's Picovoli!!!! Decisions, decisions!

Here's a pic of Grammy's socks:

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Birthdate

Your Birthdate: May 6
You tend to be a the rock in relationships - people depend on you.Thoughtful and caring, you often put others needs first.You aren't content to help those you know... you want to give to the world.An idealist, you strive for positive change and dream about how much better things could be.
Your strength: Your intuition
Your weakness: You put yourself last
Your power color: Rose
Your power symbol: Cloud
Your power month: June
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Friday, March 17, 2006


Today I finished my student teaching assignment! I feel like I have accomplished something! I definitely learned a lot, and I hope I have gotten myself a job in the process! Both the Principal and Vice Principal had positive things to say to me, and asked me to think of them first when I am turining in my application. Definitely. I would love to teach at Marlton, which is where I did my student teaching. That is such a positive place. The community of teachers and staff there really make it a pleasant place to be. If everything works well, I will be there in the Fall.

Before I can do that, though, I need to get rolling on the Health Unit that I am supposed to be writing! I have only the outline done, and the assessment is just barely started. Then, I still have to make one complete lesson, create attachments, and a PowerPoint presentation. But yet, I am online, reading other people's knitting blogs and watching What Not To Wear out of the corner of my eye!

MUST FOCUS!!! Goodbye.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Here is TheBoy's first school picture. He was three (and very cheesy) in the picture - this past Fall. Notice the Old Navy t-shirt he insisted on wearing. Not the nice, button down shirt Mommy tried to get him to wear, or even the polo shirt that Gaggi attempted to persuade him to wear. This kid just won't dress up! Posted by Picasa

My Blog!

I have a blog! That is astounding. Since I found this "spot" thanks to my new-found hobby of surfing knitting blogs, like the Sexy Knitters Club, Knitty, and the Yarn Harlot, (just to name a few!), I have knitting in the title. . .I love knitting! I also love being a mom, reading, jazz music, and *trying to be* a great educator. I will probably discuss all of these things on my blog. Maybe someone will join me, maybe not. Either way, I feel "cool" to now have an online journal. This has got to be better than sitting up late at night with a flashlight (or worse, my cell-phone light!) to try to write in my own journal that is kept beside my bed. I can probably write more frequently this way, as well.

To start, I will talk about my "loves." Let's start with the main one, and the biggest influence on my life right now:

First and foremost is my son, Zachary, aka "The Boy." Don't ask me why, but everyone in my family calls him that. Maybe it's because he's the first boy-child to be born into this side of the family in a long time. We love having a little boy in the house. We are famous for having girls. My mother - youngest of two girls. My father - had himself 4 girls. So a boy is a big deal. He is the cutest darn thing ever, too! And smart. I know I am biased, but I believe these things to be true anyway! I will post proof later.