Friday, September 25, 2009

NOW I'm Ready

Guess who I got to meet??

Yup, Cookie A!

Cookie came to Crazy 4 Ewe to teach classes this weekend, and seeing as how I'm an excellent educator, I was given Friday afternoon off (I busted my butt and did some extra training earlier in the week, after a full school day). So, I was able to attend a class on reading charts, given by Cookie Friday afternoon.

She was wonderful, and even though my sister and I were a bit late (couldn't seem to find the street without a STREET SIGN - thanks, Solomon's Island!), she had no problem catching us up to the rest of the class (with a bit of help from the lovely Ellen, of Crazy 4 Ewe), and we were reading cable charts in no time! See:

She was a wealth of information, since I'd done cables before, but not necessarily from a chart, and NEVER something that twisty-turn-y! I was very happy with myself, and plan on using the beginning swatch that you see above to extend into a cute lil' scarf from SpinOff magazine. I have some handspun that will be an outer shell to the strip that I'll knit as one long, winding cable. Progress photos will help, and I should be posting soon!

Also during her class, she had a lovely "bag O tricks" - she emptied out a huge sack full of . . . wait for it . . . all the socks she's designed. O.M.G. Makes me wish I truly had an inkling to knit socks again!!! They were gorgeous. Her gauge is perfect and machine-like, and of course, her color choices are outstanding!

I think my sister was duly inspired - she purchased a book and asked for Cookie's autograph and everything. We followed her and Ellen back to the yarn store after the class, and had a good time picking around a store that was new to us - see Crazy 4 Ewe is a mini-chain (!) and we're patrons of the La Plata store, which is much, much closer to our house! I managed to find some Shaeffer yarn on sale (!!!) and wound up buying two skeins of Schaefer Yarn's "Nancy" in the Rosa Parks colorway(!). I might try to copy the cardigan Amy did with this, but for right now, I'm just happy to have 1200 yards of this colorway in my stash - it's my favorite!

So, now you see why I was so tired - after such a great, busy day, all I wanted to do was rest (even though I actually knit a bit more on my cable strip and THEN rested!).

It was a very nice day!


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

How DARE you!

Joe Wilson, you ought to be ashamed. You should have been "escorted" out by the Secret Service, at the very least. Grow up and treat your office and position with some respect, so that you can learn how to show it to the leader of your country.

Didn't your parents raise you better than that?


Sunday, September 06, 2009

Quick Holiday Weekend Update

Just a quick update to show progress. I have been knitting - when I'm able - on my Poppy sweater. I'm approaching the finish line, too! Just one more sleeve to go!

School has me almost completely distracted - jobs take up so much valuable knitting time! My class this year is interesting. I see them shaping up nicely. Notice, I'm trying to keep a positive attitude!!! LOL. More on that later!

The other thing that has me distracted is the "Twilight" series. I keep going back to the books. They are a guilty pleasure. There's no reason a grown woman should enjoy a book about teenagers and vampires this much. But I do. Just finished "Eclipse" and got myself put on the list at the library for both regular and audio versions of "Breaking Dawn." Oy. Let's hope it's the audio version so I can get some knitting done!

Other than that, between constructing new Alien Police sets of Leggos, The Boy is trying to get me waterloged by spending every waking minute at the pool. Ah. The end of Summer. What a nostalgic time.

And that's it for the quick update - off to buy more Leggos and look for dress shoes for The Boy. . . and maybe his mommy!