Sunday, October 04, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy.

Wow. What a weekend! If only the "long" weekends off from work coincided with weekends like this, where there are 50 things to do, and only 20 time-slots available!

Here's our weekend in list form:

1) Picked The Boy up early from school and took him to the doctor's office, where we were equally traumatized by the fact that he needed a flu shot.
2) Stopped off at ColdStone after said flu shot. We BOTH needed a cool treat (have you had one of their smoothies?? All that's missin' is the hooch. I'm just sayin' - had I the self-control to wait until I got that badboy home, that would have been a "spiked" smoothie.)
3) Realized that we were both too stressed and tired to brave traffic to go for a free showing of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. We have that movie here. 'Nuff said.
4) Proceeded to eat McDonalds for dinner, then watch Tales of Despereaux and crash on the couch together.
**I did wind yarn and do some laundry somewhere during this evening, but I can't for the life of me remember exactly when. . .***

1) Feed and properly clothe The Boy in time for an 11:00 soccer game against the team from HELL. We won. Hale-stinkin-lujah.
2) On the way to the game, stop at Safeway and pick up gift card for birthday/slumber party later in the day. Line too long to get Starbucks for Mommy.
3) Get gas, then stop at CVS for birthday CARD for party mentioned in #2. Find singing Spiderman card - BONUS!!
4) Zoom to the house, shower The Boy so he is fit for public again, pack slumber party bag, zoom to his school, where they are holding a Fall Festival.
5) Enjoy an afternoon at the Fall Festival playing with friends, talking with other parents, answering questions about the school from community members who came out to check out the school.
6) Follow Slumber Party Boy's mother home to drop The Boy off for party.
7) Go home and crash.
***At some time during the evening, I did manage to cast on for a new sweater and pack a bag of spinning things for a spinning demonstration, but I do not remember when/in what order I did these things. I do know they were accomplished, but the details are a bit fuzzy.***

1) Wake up waaaaaaayyyyyy too early for a morning without my son. Decide I might as well knit a bit. Manage to screw up knitting several times, then fix it, then realize I need to move on to #2.
2) Finalize packing and leave the house for Kinderfest.
3) Demonstrate spinning at Kinderfest, where I said things like "I'm making yarn." and "Drop-spindle" at least 100 times, and had 50 different kids 'help' me make a wonderful spindle full of Hog-Island Wool into yarn.

I let the kids give the spindle some twist (little boys do it best, with their "zoom-hands") while I (mostly) pulled - some wanted in on that part, too! I plan to use this for something. I really had a good time!
4) Drive home with a sleepy boy in the backseat who REFUSED to nap, even though he looked like a zombie.
5) Finish homework.
6) Bathe and put Zombie Boy to bed.
7) Knit and relax.

Whew!!! Here's some picture proof of the final package (which ROCKS) of the Secret Pal 14 exchange.
My pal really rocks, and I HAVE to figure out who she is - need to do some sleuthing still, tho! More details on just exactly what was in the package tomorrow!