Saturday, March 25, 2006

There is a lot going on in life right now. Finished with student teaching, back at "work" as a classroom assistant, and hating it. The children at Oxon Hill are very different from those at Marlton. It will feel very good to get back there next year for teaching. Until then I will try to focus more on my two little guys than the rest of the class/school.

My own "school" has got me jumping through hoops right now, and not without notice from my son. He was very wound up today and constantly talking/wanting my attention. I had to have a "big boy" talk with him that I'm not sure he understands, about him being patient with mommy and that I will only be doing this school thing for a little while longer, and soon I will be able to concentrate just on him and having fun! Hopefully he will appreciate it one day!

With that said, not getting much knitting done. I have one sock done from my Limbo Mexico yarn. Very interesting. They should be nice and warm! Again, coordinated, though, not matching. The yarn balls this time would have proven impossible to match, though, since the end of one sock (toe) is where the next sock begins (cuff). Funny. Good thing I don't care about matching socks - and who would? If you're going to wear home-made socks with wild stripes (these are yellow and blue, and fair-isle, and green, and purple all together, then you probably don't care if the stripes match up perfectly! The colors are wild and all the same. Good enough for me. I'll post a pic soon. . .


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