Sunday, March 26, 2006


To get started on some new knitting projects. Or just to get some knitting done, period! I am soooooooooooo tired of being too busy to knit. I have been working on socks, which, except for turning heels, and creating gussetts, is mindless knitting, so I can to that AND read boring constitution mumbo-jumbo, but next week I will have boring constitution mumbo-jumbo AND my last class (WOOO HOOOO!) for my Masters. I know the end is coming, but I swear I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet! UGH! The good thing is (maybe) that I will be going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on my birthday (May 6th), which is two days before the official end of my degree work! What great timing. The problem is, I might go insane before then, just waiting to get started on a new project.

In usual crafty/knitty fashion, I have more than enough yarn and projects here to keep me knitting for about a year, at least. That does not stop me from wanting to knit more! Or buy more yummy yarn. Hurry up May 6th, hurry up! Not that I want to be a year older, but I really want some new yarn!

To give an idea of how much I could do here on my own, without buying more yarn, here are some projects just waiting to be cast on and knit (or finished)

Alpaca Brown/grey belted cardigan (need 1/2 front body and two sleeves knit)
Limbo Socks (1/2 sock left to finish, kitchener on 1st sock)
Circular shawl from a class 2 years ago (stuck and can't bring myself to sit down and work it out)

Waiting projects: (as in, have yarn, pattern, and needles waiting to go)
Alpaca shrug for mom's Christmas present
Picovoli for Jennifer's Birthday (high priority - Bday in June)
Wavy Rib Scarf and Cap (from last year's S&W Festival)
Mary Jane Cardigan (Knit Picks)
Madison Scarf (Knit Picks Christmas present)
Socks - Tess's sock yarn Christmas present
Beaded Alpaca lace scarf (Last year's S&W Festival)
Socks for the boy

You get the point - I have plenty, but still need more!! Oh Yeah!


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