Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wow - I finished something, I finished something!

This is a big deal to me, because when I get extra time on my hands, like, say Christmas break, I always cast on for about 10 different projects, therefore finishing nothing! Last year I was very shocked to knit a whole poncho for myself, but last year I didn't have a 4-year old to chase - I mean WATCH over!!!! So, I was very happy to photograph this finished object yesterday.

It's for my new iPod, who I named "Slym." Cheesy, I know.

I got the pattern from JenLa. Great pattern. I modified it by just making the "handle" a strap to loop around my neck. I plan to be wearing my iPod while working out or blogging/cleaning/knitting around the house, so there's not really a point to making a handle to slip over my wrist/purse, 'cause my hands will be busy! So I just made a really really long I cord, then used kitchener (check for a great tutorial) to graft the end of the i-cord to the stitches that would have otherwise become the ring-attachment.

I have also been working on a few other things, as I mentioned before! I have done quite a bit on the Flower Petal Shawl that I mentioned a couple posts back, and working on the second sock that I promised my mother way back in the summer. I finished the one unfinished sock, but I have decided that I really, really don't like knitting socks on size 1's. It takes WAAAAAAYYYYYY too long! UGH! Particularly with a pattern to it. Remind me never to do this again - I love socks on size 3's - much, much faster! I also swatched with some Caron Simply Soft Shadows, which I thought was going to be for a Clapotis, but decided against it. Instead, I'm knitting one of those ruffly scarves. I'd post a link, but it is actually a pattern that I got from my local newspaper. I knit a pink one for charity a while ago, and have been looking for an excuse to do another for myself. This one will be red, since the Caron color is "Autumn." It'll go great with my winter jacket, but it's also just a cool accessory. Fun, fun!

My knitting ADD is really, really bad, I know!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Recruit!

Well, I think hell may be darn close to freezing over! My sister, probably in a love-deprived fit of delerium, asked to learn to knit while she was here.

It's only natural, what with her husband being in Iraq for the last 6 months, she was bound to start acting irrationally eventually. And, well, it's happened. She actually knit a washcloth while she was here - in less than 24 hours, I might add (she has knit previously, but not in a long, long time!). THEN! she looked up local shops in her area (Sneads Ferry, NC), and even asked to go by the craft store here on our shopping trip yesterday afternoon. We went by AC Moore and she grabbed cotton, needles, and a dishcloth pattern booklet. Here's the proof:

Casting on:

The first night of progress:

Checking out her new stash from AC Moore.

By the way, if you have an AC Moore near you, you need to get by there soon, before it's too late. They are downsizing/restructuring their yarn section, and most of the "luxury" stuff - you know, the real wool stuff and the cashmere stuff, is on clearance! The store I went by yesterday was nearly cleared out, though - very picked over and not much of the same lot together. So, check it out if you can, before it's too late. I was reassured by a saleslady, though, that they will still be carrying luxury stuff, just different ones, and not as much as before, to make room for the "everyday" stuff. Pooh!


Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I absolutely love it when I'm moved to tears. That's why I watch sappy movies.

Mother-Sally Field crying over daughter/Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias? Loved it - even better because a split second after the floodgates open, she makes you laugh. Great.

The impossible feat of "angel" Nicholas Cage falling to earth to be with Meg Ryan? Loved it - that was a whole box of tissue movie. I cried from the minute he leaped off the building until the credits ran. I'm a big sap.

So, imagine how much I loved crying over a gift that a student gave me. Just look:

Great, right? So sweet. I cried and smiled and cried some more. This was one awesome gift! Almost as good as the iPod and the Koigu! Oh, and did I mention Hermione's wand?

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wish List, Part 2

In no particular order, these are the things I would like to knit once Christmas Knitting 2006 is over:

~Flower Petal Shawl by Elann in Peruvian Quecha (a teal color I got on sale)
~LS Picovoli in Cestari's "Tropical Mist" (this yarn is 67% cotton, 25% wool, and 8% silk. I knit my Somewhat Cowl in the previous version which was just plain cotton and wool, and it's lovely, so I can only imagine that the version with silk added will make it that much more comfortable next to the skin!)
~Finish my Simple Cardigan from Debbie Bliss. I'm not really thrilled with the yarn I have for the sleeves, so I may try to alter this by omitting the belt and knitting simple 3/4 sleeves instead, since I don't have enough yarn to do the entire sweater in the natural brown mohair I selected.
~Keyhole sweater from Stephanie Japel, aka Glampyre Knits. I bought the pattern from her probably last year at this time, and haven't knit it yet.

I really want more sweaters of my own to add to my wardrobe. I feel really guilty when I buy one, but often pass it off as, "I can copy this sweater, so it's worth buying, because I'll have it forever!" Exhibit A:

I loved this sweater, and felt doubly guilty when I bought it since it's so close to Christmas, but, hell, it was $15.00!! I hate/love that clothes are so cheap this time of year!

The one thing I would do to modify this is make it a bit shaped on the sides - a bit less boxy, and to put the same cables on the sleeve or at least down the arm as well. That one dramatic cable down each side of the zipper is worth repeating - down the arm would be awesome!

And, since it's supposed to be 60 degrees here tomorrow, I'm thinking this will be my jacket tomorrow - I'll explore the fit more then.

Christmas Spirit

The Christmas spirit has hit me! I wish I had more $$ so I could buy all the stuff I want for people. Friday and yesterday I was feeling very generous. I treated my son to dinner, splurged at Michaels with gifties for my secret pal (pics to follow), and even grabbed some new cotton colors for dishrags for the other teachers I work with (two more first grade teachers and a Kindergarten teacher). They should be surprised, I hope they like them!

See, there's the three colors of cotton front and center. Then there's also Christmas cards - those dollar ones they have at Michaels. They have knitted fabric in the background! Considering that I now have to go try to have (or take) a good picture of The Boy (and possibly mommy????), I figured dollar cards were a good thing! The Boy's school pictures look AWFUL this year. he's got the fake "I'm only smiling because you said to" smile, teeth only, no actual smile, nothing sparklin' in the eyes. It's horrible! I can't believe I got the whole, huge pack including the 8x10. Didn't they allow us to see them first last year, before asking us to commit to buying? I really, really need that option for my cheeseball. . .! Here's one good try from yesterday morning, but still a bit cheesy. He's just too much of a cheeseball to sit still for pictures!

I've also been considering all the options for The Boy for Christmas. He's been making a list. It's getting longer every day. So far, it looks like this:

Skateboard - Santa knows where to get this one, it's all picked out!)
Radio Controlled Monster truck- (well, uh, Santa already got The Boy an RC car - it's a Chubbs Hummer, and I'm thinkin' - I mean Santa's thinkin' it's gonna be just fine. No monster details needed - Santa will find out, I guess Santa will find out!
Guitar - Santa is confused, Santa thought he wanted a drum so he could be like the guy in Drumline. . . (I know, I know, the language in that movie is NOT for 4-year olds, but the music sure is!)
Roboraptor - Santa thinks this is a REALLY, REALLY COOL idea. However, Santa is appalled at the $140 pricetag. Santa may have to break the rule about not charging ANYTHING for Christmas if Santa gives in and puts this under the Christmas Tree! I mean, he doesn't really get the RC thing yet, the Hummer was to be his introduction to the Radio-controlled world. Plus, The Boy does have a birthday coming up soon. Will this be a toy that is on clearance after Christmas where Santa can tell mommy to get a great bargain after the holidays are over??? Not sure. . .
Leapster - This is one that Santa was going to leave for mommy to get for that February Birthday. He can't get everything on Christmas day - then what do we do for the Birthday??? Besides, Santa already got some CD's that go with the Video Now, so getting a Leapster kinda erases the need for those . . .

Okay, now I DO wish I was rich . . . or that The Big Guy really did exist!