Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yellow Jersey

Well, in honor of meeting (exceeding) my goal, I'm posting my yellow jersey for Le Tour de Fleece.

My goal was to spin a braided roving I had (@ 4oz of a merino/tencel blend) to use it for a small project.

I spun said roving, AND used it for a project. THEN I spun another bunch of roving (this time 4 ozs of superwash merino from Lisa Souza)! I had so much fun! The colors on the Lisa Souza roving was just amazing. It's "Bird of Paradise" and I'm telling myself, really loudly, that I cannot go over to her site and buy more of it!! Here's the rundown:

Pre-spun (sorry, forgot to take a pic when it was all together)! Here it is when I got to the point of splitting the roving in half, then in half again (note that I've already broken the length of it in half once - that was the first round of spinning!)

I spun what, I hope, is a DK-ish weight singles yarn out of it. Here it is on the hangar, drying after being soaked. EXTREME close-up!)

What it looked like in a hank after I wound it out and measured it (about 55 yards in this one - about 125 in the first). This has not been soaked, yet - so it's still very kinky in places!!

I am immensely pleased, and plan to knit this scarf with the yarn.

In other knitting news, I am literally flying on my Leilani cardigan. I have finished both fronts, both sleeves, and got about 2 inches done on the back - the final piece, if you're keeping track!

That means, this will NOT be a good project to take on the cruise with me! GAH! Soooooooo, I plan to get my Sasha skirt out again, and knit on that.

The new-and-improved plan for vacation knitting is this:

1. Sasha
2. Lizard Ridge squares
3. Pi Shawl
4. A sock (or two) - these will be my knit-anywhere's. I'll probably take them on the train and keep them in my bag for by the pool, etc.

I'm getting very excited to get on that cruise ship already! Going to try to take my mind off it by getting some things done in my classroom this week. That way, I won't be so crunched when it comes to be honest-to-goodness time to go back!!

Wish me luck!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your spinning and your vacation. I need a vacation.

5:05 AM  

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