Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Moving Right Along

That's the way things seem to be going these days. The Summer is going right on by, and I want it to slow down!

I have been getting a ton accomplished, although since I'm doing a lot of spinning, the finished objects are hanks of yarn, not completed garments to wear or give!!

I've finished spinning the bit that I set out to accomplish in the TDF challenge. Now it's sitting in my knitting bag with the pattern for the Unoriginal Hat, waiting to be knit up. I will probably work on that today while waiting for my doctor's appointment. It's actually with my nurse/midwife that I see instead of an OB/GYN.

I've been seeing a midwife since I got pregnant with The Boy, and I love it. They seem to take so much more time than a regular doctor - and to really care more about your total health in general. Having a baby with a midwife was wonderful - the first time I went in (to be induced), the midwife on duty (there were 3 in the practice at that time) sat and knit with me! I made a hat for The Boy, and she worked on a sweater she always carried with her on her hospital days. I'm sure there's lots of sitting around, waiting for babies when you're the midwife on duty! They're all wonderful women, true sweethearts, and always have kind and encouraging words for me. Just what I need on appointments like these, since I truly HATE the annual exam!!

Okay, enough with my feminine parts, and back to the knitting content!

Since it's Summer, and I have so much free time (not really, just less-pressing obligations than 25 busy first-graders), I have approximately 1 zillion projects on the needles. And I cast on again yesterday!

Over on Ravelry, the BlackPurl group has been talking about famous designers who just happen to be black. We were noticing the apparent lack of black designers - since even the book of African Knits is by a caucasian woman. So, many black designers have been mentioned - Shirley Paden, Nik, Amanda Reed, and Lisa Shobhana Mason (by the way, stop by here, 'cause she's got her patterns on SALE!!!). As soon as I heard Lisa's name, I remembered that I'd been meaning to knit Tulip for about two years now. Seriously, I bought the pattern when it first came out, and it has a 2006 date on it!

Shame on me!

So I cast on yesterday. Tee hee!

I'm using some 2nd Time Cotton that I got from Cloverhill last year. It's color 231, and I have 5 skeins. I'm making the size M/36 and I doubt I'll need all this yarn, so close your eyes and don't be surprised if you get a washcloth or two out of this in your Christmas stocking!!

Let's recap - so far, on the needles (or being cast on today at the doctor's) is:
-Various socks in different stages of completion (this is a given, right?)
-An Unoriginal Hat
-Berocco's Leilani
-Pi Shawl (pretty much following the Goddess Knits Anniversary KAL)
-Spinning for the Tour de Fleece (I'm using a Lisa Souza fiber dyed in a colorway called Bird of Paradise, and it's LOVELY!! - got my first 37 yards the other day!)

Hmm, I wonder if Robyn still has more than me on the needles? Probably! So I can cast on more, right?

Oh, and I found this on sale at Michael's for $1.00 a skein yesterday! Select colors only - the rest are still $4.99.



Blogger Lisa Shobhana said...

hi heather. thanks for the shout-out!

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop casting on and finish something!

6:38 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

I just watched this documentary on Netflix "Watch Now" called The Business of Being Born, and it really opened my eyes about midwives and the great function that they can serve for moms. I have to admit I had a negative connotation about home births and midwives before watching this, but at least the way it was presented in the documentary was quite different than I expected. Still not signing up (for any of it, LOL) but it made it look like it could be an empowering experience. Oh, and I hate my girly-parts exam too. My doctor is pretty great though - she knits and does needlepoint, so we talk about knitting patterns while she's doing what she's gotta do.

2:57 PM  

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