Monday, July 07, 2008

Day 2 Tour Progress

Well, something hit me yesterday, and I spun like a mad woman! I can probably finish spinning the fiber I've challenged myself with for the Tour de Fleece by the end of the evening tonight! (Gotta watch who Deanna chooses tonight, right???)

Here's where I am as of the end of my spinning on Day 2:

Considering that I also cleaned and gutted my bedroom yesterday, I'm very proud of my progress! I also worked a bit more on my Pi Mystery shawl, and finished the knitting on my funky tank-top from OneSkein. It's blocking now, and I'm praying I got the two halves exactly even. It's weird to block pieces like this, and I swear I couldn't get the same measurements out of each side, even though I counted rows and even re-knit the shoulder straps on the second half! Argh. I am SO wanting this to be a usable, wearable tank, so I can't wait until I can seam it together (Gah! Did I just say that?) so I can see the final fit. Each piece seemed like a good fit individually when I was knitting, so cross your fingers!

Also on the agenda is finishing my bag for my Hogwarts pal. I think I was a bit overambitious, because now I have to seam IT together, too. Mental note - for at least the next 10 projects, knit ONLY IN THE ROUND!!!!!!



Anonymous Jenn said...

Ok, I WANT TO SPIN! Now on to more important things! I LOVE that DeAnna picked Jesse. The first night I was like, oh my god, who is this guy and what is he wearing. By the end of the first episode and after the Ellen episode I was hooked. I knew he was THE ONE!.

I need to buy some blocking equipment so I'm off to research that now.

Glad you got that room cleaned!

2:09 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

I dunno... I can't help wondering if he is going to get a real job. Is that bad? Still, that Jason was a bit too whiney. What's a girl to do? I cannot believe that I watch that show. Don't tell anyone, ok?
BTW, your spinning is beautiful.

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great colors! Your spinning looks great! Whew - it really sounds like you're having a busy summer!

Your SP12 Secret Pal

4:15 PM  

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