Saturday, July 05, 2008

And So, It Begins

So, this morning, I began my spinning life. Again.

I went to my LYS (not really, but I love that store, even though it's an hour away!) for a beginning to spin class. A refresher for me, but definitely well worth it. I had been getting pretty comfortable with the spinning part, and maybe needed a bit of a pat on the back to say that I'd been doing it right. What I REALLY needed help with was getting the stuff off the spindle and into a usable format. When the instructor said "That's the EASY part!" I was much more at ease!

Today, I did quite a bit, which always looks like so much less when you wind it up!

The brown with the punch of color in the middle was what was provided by the class. I wasn't that great with the brown - it was 100% wool. Period. No nothing fluffy or smooth or "soft" about it. It took a long time for me to get that into a spin I liked. I hope that's the right term for it. Then I moved on to some that was a bit more prepared, in a colorway called "Melted Crayons." That was fun to spin up - I think that's half the fun - seeing how the colors wind up when spun!

After a while, I was ready to get back to my own fiber - what I'm using for my Tour de Fleece challenge. I'll be spinning the whole of a 3.2oz roving full of "Spruce" colored merino. I'll post pictures later - my computer and camera have been bickering back and forth, and I can't even get my phone to send a photo message so I can post my progress, but soon, I promise!

In all, I wound one small ball (probably 25 yards??) of the brown/crayon, and a teeny-tiny ball of the spruce merino. I plan to wind all my spruce singles into two separate balls to then ply together for a 2-ply yarn to knit with.

I do plan to knit a little something with all this when I've finished, probably a little headband - possibly a Calorimetry or Dream Swatch. We'll see how tired I am of the Dream Swatch pattern by the time the yarn is ready!

Oh, and I couldn't leave the place without enhancing the stash by a slight, slight bit, could I? Here's some black/whit pencil roving that I'm imagining will make a lovely tweed-y yarn. Hope I'm right!



Anonymous Jenn said...

You definitely are on a HIGH fiber diet!

2:13 AM  

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