Saturday, June 07, 2008


I. Am. Beat. I was able to take my Saturday morning yoga class today, which I forgot until I got there, was being taught by a sub. Not a big deal, I just forgot.

Lemme just say, that woman kicked our asses! After about the 10th down-dog, my friend and I were just laughing. Complying, mind you, but laughing (and doing a little shaking!)

Here's the sequence:

After the centering, we did some Cat/Cow sequences. Then came the first Downward Facing Dog poses - she led us through a "kria" which just means you move with your breath, by the way! We would do Child's Pose, go into DownDog, then come back down to Cow, back to Child's, etc, etc. I think we did this about 6-8 times to warm/loosen up.

THEN! She had us move from DownDog right into Pigeon. Yay! I LOVE pigeon pose. But remember, you have to do Down Dog twice to completely do this pose, to alternate leading legs. Oy.

After the DownDog to Pigeon, she had us do DownDog into Warrior I. Agan, remember - Dog it twice for this pose! Then DownDog into Triangle (twice). That's when we just about lost it! And that was just the first part of the class!

Again. She kicked my ass. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now I'm off to knit. My yarn came in yesterday from Webs for my Hogwarts Pal's bag. I'll show pics and tell ya about The Boy and his 100-degree soccer game later on - after I've cooled down some more. I think sitting underneath the ceiling fan to type up this post has gotten me about halfway there!



Anonymous Jenn said...

That yoga doesn't sound like fun REALLY, it doesn't.

5:58 AM  
Blogger Agatha Ackerly said...

I just resumed Yoga classes after a couple-year break. Here where I live (Erie PA) the only "real" yoga teacher has "Yoga on the Beach" during the summer...meaning right on the sandy beaches of Presque Isle on beautiful Lake Erie. WOW. It was breathtaking.

I love yoga.

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE yoga too!!! It kicks my butt quite a bit as well, but I keep going back for more! Namaste!

Your SP12 Secret Pal

4:00 AM  

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