Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spreadin' the Luv

Apparently, I am destined to share this gift I have for luvin' some yarn. My sweaters have been making a splash at work these days. Juliet and Tree are always big hits when I wear them to work. The Duster has made two appearances at work as well, but I think (not to ring my own bell or anything) that it's just too "too" and nobody asks if I made it, cause they just figure I couldn't have. So only one or two comments. Overall, I think Tree is the favorite.

But I digress. With all my advertising lately, I have two teachers who keep asking me to 1) teach them to knit, or 2) help them "read a real pattern." I'm taking that to mean more than a scarf, cause that's what they already do knit. No problem, just get me over the 3rd quarter report card requirements, lemme rest for a good week and two days, and I'm there! After Spring Break, I hope to set up a coaching session one day a week, or give more help if needed, like to the one teacher who wants to learn. I'm all for creating another addict, I mean KNITTER!!!!

My knitting also had a starring role (well, okay, a walk-on part) in the school's Motown review/play today. The student who was to play Mrs. Barry Gordy was to be on stage for a while, and needed something to do, so I taught her to knit. She picked it up really quickly and seemed to like it. So much so that she tried to show a friend how to do it. Apparently, it's a bit hit with the students AND the administration - it kept the two girls quiet for quite a while at rehersals, which apparently is sayin' sumpin. Tonight they both chased me down the hall when I returned to help with the play, asking when we could get together so that I could help them knit.

Spreadin' the Luv. Oh yeah.

I've also finally been nominated for that blog award. Which is cool, but I need to finish report card comments first. I know. Lame, but hey, I'm a busy woman! I have several people in mind, kinda wondering if I can keep it to 10 or if I need to make my own rules. . . hmmmmmmmm



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