Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ahem. . .

Yeah, I know, it's been a minute. Those of you who are expecting weekly posts - I have a lot of catching up to do. One day, maybe, a post will be dedicated to the reason, but right now I can't get it out.

In the meantime, I'll catch you up, slowly, on the knitting-related part of my life, which, of course, remains the same and grounds me even in the midst of upheaval!

As usual, the State of Maryland honors me each year with the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on my birthday weekend (tee hee - as if!). This time, I went on May 5th instead of my actual birthday, the 6th, under the orders of The Boy. He mentioned to Gaggi (my mother) that "Mommy wants to do boring knitting stuff on her birthday! Hmpf!" So, the guilt set into both of us and we decided that she'd watch him on Saturday while I went to the S&W so that we could spend the day together on my birthday. Actually it was more like he spent the day outside with his friend Jessica, ripping and running in the back yards (she actually lives right next door, so there's double the space to move!), but hey - Mommy was around!

So, the Sheep and Wool was it's usual yarny-wonderfulness, and I spend a TON of money, but hey, it was my birthday!

Here's the haul:

Details: This is some yummy Sideway Fine sock yarn in Barnswallow from Autumn House Yarns, plus some cute red buttons from the same booth. I also bought some circular bamboo needles from them (ChiaoGoo - never heard of them, but they are nice, and were only $5.75! Can't beat that with a bat!) I've been dying for this colorway for quite some time, and HAD to have it after I picked the skein up to wind it back into a nice hank for the people - it had come undone and was about to turn into a tangly mess. I figured I'd wind it up for them while I looked around, and never put it back down. Doesn't Stephanie warn against touching if you're not 100% sure you want to buy? I'm a sucker, that's for sure!

Okay, this one still scares me, cause, well, I never thought I wanted to learn to spin. I think my teacher's mind might be trying to take over here, because I remember vaguely this thought running through my mind: "I'll need a Summer project!" Yeah, and the 5 books I planned to read that went unread LAST Summer should have been a hint to me that I DON'T actually need a "Summer project" anymore than I needed the yarn I bought. But, It was my birthday, and the spindle was GORGEOUS, the kit a good deal, and the roving a deep, chocolate-y brown I couldnt resist. Did I mention it was my birthday? The spindle kit came from the lovely Tom and Diane Golding

Brooks Farm!!! For some reason I was in a red mood (actually, it was blue, but red is so much cheerier)! This is three hanks of some red Acero (I know, I know, I didn't knit up the previous batch of Acero from Stitches East yet, but hey - did I mention it was my birthday??), two hanks of their Primerino, also in red, and some cute stitch markers I got for my Hogwarts pal from Carodan Farms. I actually bought 7 skeins of red yarn from Brooks Farm that day - two were for my mother's birthday yesterday, so are not pictured here. I had a hefty bill at the register in this booth that day, but they have such great stuff, are such nice people, and - if everything is the way it used to be, they give you a 10% discount if you wear a finished product using their yarns to a festival. I guess I'd best knit up some of their stuff before Stitches in the Fall!!!

The markers are done by Carol Buskey, and are really cute. It's actually a shawl pin/stitch holder PLUS the 6 markers, in colors that match the colors of one of the Hogwarts houses very nicely, I think - they definitely match the socks I am knitting my pal, of which, one is nearly ready to close the toe. Nearly. I need to knit on those socks a bit more often! I see a bit-o-knitting time at my favorite Starbucks coming up!

I'm also considering starting a knitting meetup group this summer ('cause, ya know, I NEED a Summer project!) :O) That might be the place! I'll have to ask around, but I really want a meetup closer to me, so I may just have to resort to starting it my-selfies!

Um, forgot about this one, but I can't very well learn to spin without some extra roving in great colors! This little "stash" is actually how I wound up buying the spindle kit to begin with. My SP10 pal wants to learn to spin. I bought her a beginner's kit already, and was looking for some roving to send as well, so I peeked into booths with rovings, found these three GEMS from Cloverleaf Farms, liked the price, loved the colors and fibers, so went for it. One at least will make it to my pal - might need to send two to cut down on the opportunity for distraction and/or another hobby I don't really need! ACK!


Blogger Shannon H. said...

Howdy fellow Hogwarts student! If you and The Boy need some fun this summer, I don't live too terribly far from you, and I could help with the learning to spin...

4:31 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

That would be great, Shannon - where are you?

10:34 PM  
Blogger Shannon H. said...

I'm in Indian Head. If you want to just email me at guenevere29(at)gmail(dot)com and we can talk some more!

2:46 PM  

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