Saturday, March 24, 2007

NOT in love . . .

With my new sweater, the Greek Pullover. I do love the sweater, just not the finished object, on me!
I should have knit the next size smaller in everything but the arms, and I would have been fine, but with the size I knit, the neckline is just tooooooo wide, and it wound up off my shoulders all day long! Plus, it pooches under the arms, and I hate that. I wanted a more snug fit for this sweater, so I should have gone with my gut and knit the medium, but, since I know I'm a BIG GURL, I knit the large. Bummer. I'm thinking I could possibly solve this relatively easily by taking it apart (:sigh:) and reknitting just the back of the sweater in, like, maybe the size small since it's already wayyyy too big, and this might help not only keep the neckline in place, but also pull in the bagginess under the arms. Any thoughts from those of you out there who read? Lisabe???

Also, got a lovely card/note from my Secret Pal! Yay - I DO love me some snail mail! And thanks, pal, for the comments about my son and Grammy. I look forward to getting to know you and my own pal through this exchange!

As for Grammy, she is coming home this afternoon. She's doing really well with her PT in the hospital, but she is miserable there and really wants to come home, so we are bringing her home with the hopes that she eats better here than in the hospital. My thoughts on this: good luck, 'cause it ain't gonna happen. We shall see. There will be a team of sitters hired to stay with her during the day - everyone here works or has "other duties" (read - Farmer Mac is about to head back to the garden for the Spring/Summer crops!). Hopefully, she heals well and gets back to normal soon.

And, now back to knitting related news: here's some new stash:

Gorgeous, huh? Even the yarn sitting on the little boy is pretty lovely! :O)

The blue is some Koigu KPPPM that did not disappoint at all. I ordered it from online, and the colors in person are even more stunning! It will be knit up into a Clapotis for my son's teacher's Christmas gift next year. Since she will have put up with this little hellion for three years, she's definitely earned it! I think she'll love it.

The next yarn down is some Shaefer "Anne" for my Secret Pal - look away, pal, look away!

Then, we have three different colors of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. First is one skein of Tuscany, two of Fire, and two of Vera. Those will all be knit into socks for various people, probably none of which will be me. Bummer, but fun in the process! :O)


Blogger LisaBe said...

oh, dear--i don't think i'm clever enough to tell you how to fix it--you're a way better and more experienced knitter than i am! i think i'd be worried that reknitting only the back would make the seams off, no? can you take it apart and seam it up a few stitches further in on both sides, the same amount? the armscye will be too small for the existing sleeves at that point, unfortunately. i'm not sure how you'd fix that. i wish i'd read that "big girl knits" book--i think it's all about customizing patterns for things like this!
is this the greek pullover from "interweave"? i think i saw that pattern on skc, right? very pretty.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Yup, it's the one from Interweave. And it's gorgeous, but just not this version on me! I love the length of it, I love the split hem, the cuffs, etc, but wish the necline were different. I even like the yarn, although I thought it might be too scratchy. I might have to find another suitable wearer for it, cause I don't have the heart to rip it! Reknit, yes, rip, NO!

5:49 PM  

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