Wednesday, March 28, 2007


OK, so KristaKrista visited the blog the other day, creator of the Cable Baby Blanket pattern I used for my (f)SIL's baby, Ellie. She was wondering if I'd ever finished it, and I don't think I ever did post FO photos, so here ya go:

The top pick, obviously, is the nearly finished object (minus sewing in ends and blocking. Even though I knit it in acrylic, it badly needed blocking to eliminate the curling of the edges. Since I knit the middle in plain stockinette (I guess this was the reason), the cabled edges really wanted to turn under. When I sent it to my SIL, I folded it so the cables were showing, hoping that they would stay put! She and her husband said they loved it, and used it immediately.

If my own sister ever decides she's gonna go ahead and bless her husband with a little one, I'll knit the REAL version, with the little cables in the middle, too. I won't even say I'll knit it for my own, because a) I never knit anything but a couple hats and a sweater/hat set for The Boy, and that set didn't see creation until his 1st birthday, and b)well, it's highly unlikely that I'll be having any more chi'ren. :P

It's the end of the 3rd quarter at school, so there is very little knitting going on, but I did cast on for my Sasha skirt, finally, and have a Monkey sock ( in progress, but I'm thinking a sock that needs a lifeline is a bit above my attention span these days. Might rip what I've done so far and knit some plain ole K2P2 ribbed ones . . . !

And yes, I'm way too lazy to link Sahara or even Knitty right now - report card comments to create, and LOST is on, AND GOOD!!! They've got Boone and Shannon back for a flashback, and have recreated/superimposed the crash scene from season 1, show 1 with some of the new folks, who they've already KILLED OFF!! I. LOVE. THIS. DAMN. SHOW! SO GOOD!


Krista, didn't you write the pattern for the baby hat with the flower petals at the top, too? I've done that one a few times as well. You write good stuff, lady - keep it up!


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