Sunday, March 18, 2007


So, I know posts have been scarce lately, but I've been super-busy, what with fitting in visiting Grammy in the hospital with my normal frantic life to begin with. I've barely had any knitting time at all. In fact, my Greek Pullover is currently being finished, but it's taking forever. I am a wimp when it comes to seaming - not that I can't do it, just that I want it to be gorgeous/don't want my ugly seams to mess up all that beautiful knitting! I would love to wear it to work tomorrow or Tuesday, but not quite sure that's in the plans. Like I said, it's been crazy around here.

Last week, in school, it just seemed like chaos. I think I did a better job of being planned out and prepared for my teaching day, but the kids were just crazy. I have had to pay a lot more attention to classroom management lately, to counteract the early Spring fever and overall chaos that two brand new students (in the middle/end of a quarter) seem to bring to a first grade class. Ugh. But! have no fear - I think they are just about back to "normal" now - whatever that is!!

Then, Courtney, my sweetie, filled me in that we would be going away to Baltimore for the weekend, so I wound up blissfully putting all things work behind me and doing some good, old fashioned relaxing this weekend. Imagine that!!!!

In Baltimore, we: had dinner Friday night at Pisces, a gorgeous and fabulous restaurant at the Hyatt Regency there in Baltimore. The Hyatt was also where we stayed. I got a big kick out of the glass elevator, when we could actually get it to take us to our floor!!! Apparently, being a part of the "Regency Club" has it's advantages, but you have to be smarter than the elevator key to get there!!!! Then, we had planned to go to the Aquarium Saturday afternoon, but wound up, uh, sleeping in. ;> We managed to wander the mall for a bit, eat dinnner at the Cheesecake Factory, then make our way to the Lyric for a wonderful show - Tamia and Mint Condition, singing their a$$es off! My girl Tamia - what a wonderful voice, and she shook and wiggled her little pregnant self around that stage like I never could! I was truly impressed. She has an awesome voice. I only wish she had done more of her awesome ballads and less of the "covers" she did of other artists' songs. Either way, she is awesome! Think I need to visit iTunes and do some downloading!

Mint Condition was pretty good too - I hadn't paid much attention to them before - I think Courtney was more aware of them than I was, but they did give a good show.

Overall, we had a great weekend. I only wish it had lasted longer. Weekends seem to fly by. We are currenlty "working" on that situation, but taking things real slow and thinking things through before jumping in with all 9six) feet. :O) Good idea.


Blogger Gryffinitter said...

Found you from the Hogwarts sock Swap, hoping you might be the Heather that posted about Badgerlicious socks...and read the blog. I see that you DID get your sweater seamed, but I had to share this...

I ahve been back at knitting for about 13 years. About 11 or 12 ago I knitted a top. I did not put it together.

I got way too fat for it. It was still in pieces in the basement somewhere.

I found the pieces, but I was still way too fat, who cared.

I lost weight, think I have seen three of the four pieces in the last two years, but we did work on the house and therefore nothing is where it should be and I can't find them again...

Trust me, you are not alone in putting off putting together sweaters...!

10:39 AM  
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