Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wow - I finished something, I finished something!

This is a big deal to me, because when I get extra time on my hands, like, say Christmas break, I always cast on for about 10 different projects, therefore finishing nothing! Last year I was very shocked to knit a whole poncho for myself, but last year I didn't have a 4-year old to chase - I mean WATCH over!!!! So, I was very happy to photograph this finished object yesterday.

It's for my new iPod, who I named "Slym." Cheesy, I know.

I got the pattern from JenLa. Great pattern. I modified it by just making the "handle" a strap to loop around my neck. I plan to be wearing my iPod while working out or blogging/cleaning/knitting around the house, so there's not really a point to making a handle to slip over my wrist/purse, 'cause my hands will be busy! So I just made a really really long I cord, then used kitchener (check for a great tutorial) to graft the end of the i-cord to the stitches that would have otherwise become the ring-attachment.

I have also been working on a few other things, as I mentioned before! I have done quite a bit on the Flower Petal Shawl that I mentioned a couple posts back, and working on the second sock that I promised my mother way back in the summer. I finished the one unfinished sock, but I have decided that I really, really don't like knitting socks on size 1's. It takes WAAAAAAYYYYYY too long! UGH! Particularly with a pattern to it. Remind me never to do this again - I love socks on size 3's - much, much faster! I also swatched with some Caron Simply Soft Shadows, which I thought was going to be for a Clapotis, but decided against it. Instead, I'm knitting one of those ruffly scarves. I'd post a link, but it is actually a pattern that I got from my local newspaper. I knit a pink one for charity a while ago, and have been looking for an excuse to do another for myself. This one will be red, since the Caron color is "Autumn." It'll go great with my winter jacket, but it's also just a cool accessory. Fun, fun!

My knitting ADD is really, really bad, I know!


Blogger Pennie said...

that is a very cute ipod holder. Enjoyed reading your blog too.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Thanks! And thanks for visiting - I've got you bookmarked now - I love HP too!!

3:39 PM  

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