Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wish List, Part 2

In no particular order, these are the things I would like to knit once Christmas Knitting 2006 is over:

~Flower Petal Shawl by Elann in Peruvian Quecha (a teal color I got on sale)
~LS Picovoli in Cestari's "Tropical Mist" (this yarn is 67% cotton, 25% wool, and 8% silk. I knit my Somewhat Cowl in the previous version which was just plain cotton and wool, and it's lovely, so I can only imagine that the version with silk added will make it that much more comfortable next to the skin!)
~Finish my Simple Cardigan from Debbie Bliss. I'm not really thrilled with the yarn I have for the sleeves, so I may try to alter this by omitting the belt and knitting simple 3/4 sleeves instead, since I don't have enough yarn to do the entire sweater in the natural brown mohair I selected.
~Keyhole sweater from Stephanie Japel, aka Glampyre Knits. I bought the pattern from her probably last year at this time, and haven't knit it yet.

I really want more sweaters of my own to add to my wardrobe. I feel really guilty when I buy one, but often pass it off as, "I can copy this sweater, so it's worth buying, because I'll have it forever!" Exhibit A:

I loved this sweater, and felt doubly guilty when I bought it since it's so close to Christmas, but, hell, it was $15.00!! I hate/love that clothes are so cheap this time of year!

The one thing I would do to modify this is make it a bit shaped on the sides - a bit less boxy, and to put the same cables on the sleeve or at least down the arm as well. That one dramatic cable down each side of the zipper is worth repeating - down the arm would be awesome!

And, since it's supposed to be 60 degrees here tomorrow, I'm thinking this will be my jacket tomorrow - I'll explore the fit more then.


Anonymous Kate said...

That's a good buying. And cheap too.
Just want to wish you a happy Christmas.
Greetings from Kate

3:33 PM  
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Blogger tiger said...


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