Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Recruit!

Well, I think hell may be darn close to freezing over! My sister, probably in a love-deprived fit of delerium, asked to learn to knit while she was here.

It's only natural, what with her husband being in Iraq for the last 6 months, she was bound to start acting irrationally eventually. And, well, it's happened. She actually knit a washcloth while she was here - in less than 24 hours, I might add (she has knit previously, but not in a long, long time!). THEN! she looked up local shops in her area (Sneads Ferry, NC), and even asked to go by the craft store here on our shopping trip yesterday afternoon. We went by AC Moore and she grabbed cotton, needles, and a dishcloth pattern booklet. Here's the proof:

Casting on:

The first night of progress:

Checking out her new stash from AC Moore.

By the way, if you have an AC Moore near you, you need to get by there soon, before it's too late. They are downsizing/restructuring their yarn section, and most of the "luxury" stuff - you know, the real wool stuff and the cashmere stuff, is on clearance! The store I went by yesterday was nearly cleared out, though - very picked over and not much of the same lot together. So, check it out if you can, before it's too late. I was reassured by a saleslady, though, that they will still be carrying luxury stuff, just different ones, and not as much as before, to make room for the "everyday" stuff. Pooh!



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