Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I absolutely love it when I'm moved to tears. That's why I watch sappy movies.

Mother-Sally Field crying over daughter/Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias? Loved it - even better because a split second after the floodgates open, she makes you laugh. Great.

The impossible feat of "angel" Nicholas Cage falling to earth to be with Meg Ryan? Loved it - that was a whole box of tissue movie. I cried from the minute he leaped off the building until the credits ran. I'm a big sap.

So, imagine how much I loved crying over a gift that a student gave me. Just look:

Great, right? So sweet. I cried and smiled and cried some more. This was one awesome gift! Almost as good as the iPod and the Koigu! Oh, and did I mention Hermione's wand?

Happy Holidays!


Blogger LisaBe said...

me, too :) glad your students showed the love!! you deserve it!

5:31 AM  

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