Friday, November 10, 2006


I have been thoroughly offended.

Apparently, the civil exercise of voting was the perfect excuse to STEAL FROM SCHOOLCHILDREN!!! Yup. While my school was being used for a polling place, some thieves decided to take advantage and steal from the building. I walked into my classroom Wednesday morning and thought it looked a bit strange, something was missing. That something was the brand-new flat-screen monitor for my brand new Dell computer. The one that has my grade book, test generators, and stuff FOR SCHOOL on it. I couldn’t believe it. I still can't believe it. It ruined my whole day. Seriously.

But, it gets better - or worse, if you think about it. Apparently, it wasn't just my computer monitor. Nope. It was every new computer monitor in the building. There were only 3 of them, besides the two for the secretaries in the main office. And all three of them are gone. They were in different parts of the building as well, so the stinkin' thieves knew exactly what they were doing and where they were going. They really suck.

But things began to look up as the week went on. Yes, I was still without the monitor (it was actually replaced by a very old, very small, very tired “spare” monitor from the supply closet, but Thursday afternoon, well, the pretties pictured in the last post arrived, and I didn't stop smiling the rest of the day. Not even when I had to send a student out of the room for being disrespectful. I'm not sure he got the hint that I was mad, ‘cause I was probably smiling when I kicked his little tail out of the room! Oops! But they're so beautiful, and such a nice surprise! I'm still smiling.

Then, looky what came in the mail:

A yummy package from my Secret Pal! There is a skein of Plymouth Yarn's Royal Bamboo. I've been wanting to knit with Bamboo for a while! Yay! I get the chance. This WILL be a facecloth just for me (thanks for the suggestion, Pal!) Then, to top it off, the package smells like heaven because it's filled with lots of Lavendar goodies! There's some lavender chocolate lip balm (!!!???!!!). Where in the world does this stuff come from? It smells like chocolate before you put it on, but when you put it on, you smell the lavender right under your nose! Yum!!!! There's also shea butter hand cream - lavender scented, of course, and, and, AND, there's a felted soap medallion from Wooly Scrubs (?).

My mom was admiring the goodies with me, and she swears that my secret pal must have gone to Stitches East this past weekend. . . . hmmmmm wouldn't that be interesting! My pal and I could have been shopping in the same place at the same time without even knowing it. Was she lurking around corners trying to see what I was up to? Is she a neighbor? Is that why there was, amazingly, no postmark on the package containing the goods pictured above? Well, 6 degrees of separation and all that . . . too funny. I love it all, SP. Thanks so much! Two great reasons to cheer up in one small day! :O)


Blogger Lacy said...

What brand is the lip balm? That sounds like something I might have to hunt down..

6:01 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Hmm, not sure about the brand. The tube looks a lot like the Bath and Body works type, though, but not sure. It says "Lavende Bleu" on the label and that's it!

8:12 PM  
Blogger Lacy said...

I'll see if I can find it there. Thanks:)

3:20 PM  

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