Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Christmas Knitting List

No, this is not what I WANT for Christmas (can you say "KOIGU!"???) but, rather, what I plan to knit for Christmas. My SP9 hostess wants to feel better about her list. Well, I'll post mine, but I can tell you, Jody, it's not going to make you feel any better. You are much more ambitious than I am this year! I am only knitting two presents this time. Here's the very, very short list:

1. "Convertible" from Knitty for my mother. She has yet to figure this one out. I tried to hide the bag (yes, I did say BAG) of Koigu Kersti that came into the house by shuffling off three of the skeins to my secret pal for round 8. Hopefully, since that time she has not seen the other skeins flitting around the house. Had she known that 12 skeins of this stuff came in, she'd have probably hit the roof, since, at the time I bought the $100 bag of yarn, I was, well, unemployed!!!! Hee hee! Oops!

This project is going well, but it's lace, and, well, I'm a bit concerned about 1) finishing it in time since one repeat takes about 45 minutes (and there are at least 6 repeats left to go), and 2) where I'm going to block this sucker since I am determined to keep this knitted giftie a secret. Usually my knitted gifts to my mother go something like this: "Hey, mom, I made this XXX, but I think it's too big for XXXXX, try it on. . . Does it fit? Good, you want it?" :O)

I may have to put a certain someone up to a reall big test and see just how tolerant he is of my knitting habit by asking him if I can block it at his house when it comes time to do so. That will be a real test. Yes, he called it "cute" when I knit on this project at the Redskins/Dallas game, but will he really think it's cute when 5 feet of lacy, wet wool is drying on his living room floor or spare bed? We shall see . . .

2. My own version of "Sooper-Secret." I.e. yet another gift I am determined to keep a secret until the unwrapping! Thanks, Lacy (SP8 pal) for the idea! This is my creation for a friend who has stated what they want in a gift. I am just obliging by using my (??) talents to knit it (them) up. I hope it goes well. Here's a preview for those who are curious:


Blogger Lacy said...

Sooper Seekrit!

7:49 PM  

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