Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Does it Hurt Much?

So, we've gotten into a habit here at The House Full O'Love . . . we measure The Boy about every two weeks, just to see if he's grown any. We use the archway into the kitchen to mark his progress. And, well, if I could find the camera right now, I'd take a shot and show you said wall. It's unbelievable. It has to hurt. In one year - June '05 to June '06, he grew 3 and 1/8 inches. For the past four months in a row, however, he's grown 1/4 of an inch each stinkin' month. That would be June, '06 - one quarter of an inch. July '06 - one quarter of an inch. August and September? Yep - you guessed it - one quarter of an inch apiece.

THEN! THEN!!!!!! Friday night, just for kicks, I guess, he asked me to measure him after we watched a movie together (celebrating his having a good week at school, hence, the treat of TV time!!!). Well, lemme tell ya what - even though it's only been two weeks since September, and therefore two weeks since the last measuring, HE GREW ANOTHER QUARTER OF AN INCH!!!

The only thing I can say is - Man, does that hurt, sweetie??? Cause I'm thinkin, with growth at that rate, he's gotta be feelin' it! Doncha think? If he keeps this up, he'll be taller than me when he's 6! He's already more than half my height. I think I need a load of bricks for the top of his head!

And by the way, he's also amazing the pants off me lately with his READING!!!! Yes, he's to the point where he's decoding words - three letter words like m-a-n, p-a-n, h-o-t, p-i-n, and my favorite (cause we weren't "practicing" at the time) i-c-e!!!!! We had just pulled up in front of 7-11, he was climbing out my door like he likes to do, and saying "ice" "ice" "ice." When I looked around, he was looking right at the door to the ice machine, where the word is printed, and saying ICE!!!! I just about dropped him as I was lifting him out of the car. We are not frequent 7-11 visitors, either, so I don't think he was just doing a recognition thingy like McDonalds or Walmart - he was looking at the letters! I wanted to cry! He really laughs at me when I get so excited over him decoding stuff. The first time he did it when we were reading a story together, I think I just about ripped his leg off for shaking it so hard. I was really excited! I keep telling him I can't wait until he can read me a story - because Mommy needs a break! Ha ha!

He seems to be a pretty good sport, basically, about Mommy being a teacher and tending to a bunch of other kids every day at school - even his buddies from the neighborhood (!), but I really do try to cut it back some when he's around. A friend told me not to bring home any work, or at least not to do it in front of the kiddo. It's a rule I'm sticking to, for the most part - occasionally I have to do some "classroom" shopping with him, and then I always try to get him something as well. He got a whole Curious George storybook collection that way the other day - you gotta love Target for the variety!! Rubber bands for the classroom, great book for the kiddo!



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