Monday, September 11, 2006

Fall at

Check out the Fall issue of Knitty! As if I needed any more reason to increase my stash or put another project on the needles!

Check it out:

I especially like "Lucie" although I've just about had it with the midriff-baring lengths to sweaters. I will knit this one longer, definitely, but the sleeves and the neck are perfect - great design!

Also, "Ivy" needs to be in my wardrobe. Not to mention I HAVE this yarn in my stash. It will take a couple additional skeins, but I bought this yarn and color earlier in the year thinking I would use it for Sizzle, but changed my mind when I realized how warm it was going to be (not to mention I would never be able to obtain the desired drape if I knit this to the suggested gauge for Sizzle). I am also considering a shawl with this yarn, however, so this may require a Stitches East stash enhancement depending on what I decide.

And I may just have to try "Sherwood" for The Boy. He absolutely hates wearing sweaters, but that one is so cute - he will agree to wear it for a picture, at least!

Now, where can I find the time to knit all of this?????? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Life is a cruel joke sometimes!



Blogger Lacy said...

Thanks for letting me know that the new knitty is up. I'm sure I'll find things I want, but I'm right there with you on the time crunch :/

5:48 AM  

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