Thursday, August 17, 2006

Growing Classroom

I decided to post photo proof of all the hard work that's been going on in my classroom. I have been completely WIPED OUT each evening, spent one more hour at school each night of the week for the first three days, have not managed to make it to the gym, yet managed to lose two pounds anyway. I wonder how???

Okay, to give you a guide - the only things in the room besides student desks, one filing cabinet, a teacher desk turned up on its' side, the honking double sided bookcase in the library, and the round reading group table, was the bulletin board paper that was, thankfully, left by the previous teacher. Only the long coat closet fronts had to be replaced since they were done in red which, sadly, fades the fastest. So, with that said, I think I've accomplished a whole heck of a lot. These pictures are from Wednesday evening before I left (at 8:00 pm), and I got a lot accomplished today. I will put the finishing touches on tomorrow in order to be ready for the kiddos on Monday. Just look at what fun I've been having (I don't know if I'm being sarcastic or exstatic right now - I'm too tired to tell):

This is facing the "front" of the classroom. But, since there are two blackboards in the room, and the overhead/projector screen is on the other board, it could be the side . . .

And here is the side/back of the room - the classroom library is over there, and the semi-circular table for small reading groups. What the kids won't know yet is that I got a cool blow-up recliner for the library. When they are very, very good, they may be able to go there during their independent/center time to chill out and read . . . that's the plan, anyway. I didn't want it to be up for the first day causing problems, so it's still tucked away in a drawer.

And here is what the computer/math area looks like.


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