Saturday, September 23, 2006


I hate it when I am moved to curse, but last weekend, I swear, I SWORE about 100 times! I had to take the PRAXIS II exams for my teaching certification. No biggie, right? I mean, I've taken two different levels of the Arizona Educator's whatcha-ma-jiggy, so I should be okay with this, right? I had thought "maybe I should study. . ." but, then, well, the reality of my life - I am a first year teacher - set in, and I barely had time to eat, let alone study for an exam that I might, in all reasonableness, already be prepared for.

Well, 101 F#@%'s later, I'm not so sure I'm as smart as I thought. That sucker was hard! I mean, I was an English major in my past life - for my first degree, and on some of those literature questions (that were supposed to be geared towards knowledge that an elementary student - max of 8th grade - would be expected to answer) I was like - "huh"???? And then, just for good measure, to make sure I knew I was pissed at myself, I had to throw in that expletive. A number of times!

Then, there was the whole issue of the very unprofessional testing proctors at Bowie State University. That's a whole nother blog entry entirely, and I have to go sign up for Sock Wars so that I can make sure I'm not about to be assassinated. . . maybe I'll have time later to go into the unbelievable happenings just actually trying to TAKE that test. Oh the horrors!



Blogger Yarn Coffee said...

Hahah, Oh Heather I'm so sorry. But I know how you feel with the cursing thing. I'm sure you did fine. Damn those required tests!

9:19 AM  

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