Sunday, August 06, 2006

Live Music, Good Food, Great Company

So, a friend of mine has been noticing that he hasn't gotten a "mention" lately on my blog. He took me out Friday night to a really great spot for food and live music. I think maybe he just wanted to make sure to give me ammo for interesting things to post here.

Well, it worked. We went here
. We started with drinks (my head tells me that they make a really strong margarita. I had two, and my head hurt the whole next day), then had dinner - cajun style seafood for me (yum) and HOT wings for Courtney. He was having problems with his sinuses and they cleared his breathing right out!! At about 10:00, the music began. This group plays each Friday night, and they did a nice variety - jazz, old favorites, etc. The only thing I didn't like was that they started a Prince tune and quit halfway through. Big no-no in my book!

I'd never been to Adams Morgan before. Seems like a place with lots of promise. And the company wasn't bad either. Maybe he'll take me back . . . I'd definitely say yes!



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