Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Very Fiber-y Christmas

I am very late posting this, but I did have a wonderful, fiber-y Christmas full of family and love. Just the kind I like!

I've already posted the picture of The Boy opening his blanket. He LOVES it and has been using it every night to snuggle with. Note that he and the blanket are still HERE, and he claims he is not going to take it to his dad's. Oh well, at least I get to look at all my lovely knitting!

I'm still waiting for my spinning wheel to arrive. I have high hopes for today, so that I can spin for the New Year, but Friday is OK, too, since then I'll have the weekend (and a bit more time to do the schoolwork I've been planning on catching up with!). I also haven't quite finished my Snow White, or the spinning project I was doing on the spindle yet, so it's no big deal if it doesn't come in. Kinda.

I did do some stash cleaning/rearranging and deciding what will be first on the wheel. A while back I attended a meeting of the Baltimore Spinners, and spun a bit of a bright roving from a fiber club. I plan to adjust to my new wheel by spinning the rest of that up. It's probably about 2 ounces or so by now, and should allow me to get used to how things go with this new wheel. Since I have the mechanics down, somewhat from the spindle, I'm hoping for a short adjustment period so that I can get to this:

This is a superwash merino "bump" of roving from Crown Mountain Farms (LOVE their stuff!). It's for a spinning study I'm doing with a bunch of Ravelry friends. We are all spinning the same roving (this one is called Sunshine of Your Love), then knitting the same pattern (we've chosen to do the Morning Surf Scarf - great for handspun!) I'm excited to get started!!!!

Okay, on to the gifties I was so blessed to receive:

Some Potters Covers came home to roost, from my sister.

My sister also is responsible for my first, ever Copperpot Woolies!!!! This stuff is amazing! Navy (!) blue, natural white, and burgundy for a combo called "Cowboy Up." Hilarious and gorgeous!

I started spinning some on my Bosworth Middi, a gift from my mother. This little guy spins very nicely, and I love the long, pointy hook on this one. Of course, the gorgeous wood doesn't hurt a bit!!!

Santa came through with some help for my wheel. Yay! Thanks, Santa!

Mom snuck some sock yarn in for me from Creatively Dyed at Stitches this Fall. She knew I wasn't buying sock yarn this year (I've got one metric ton of it in my stash). Since this is technically going to be for a shawl, it doesn't count. Have I said that before, somewhere???



Blogger Robin said...

Congrats on the wheel! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your spinning is very FINE, compared to my BULKY creations. I love my bulky creations though. I'm going to finish up some today and start on a new pack.

8:57 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Wow, good to be spoiled! I hope your wheel arrives today! I am anxious for you.
Happy New Year to you and the Boy, too.

9:24 AM  

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