Saturday, December 06, 2008

Most Vivid

Before I actually begin this post, let me apologize for the picture-less post of yesterday (egads!!!)

In case you were wondering exactly how far I've gotten on The Boy's Lizard Ridge blanket, here's the progress as of right now - after about 3 hours total knitting time today (spread over this morning's viewing of "American Gangster" and this evening's Harry Potter-on-the-Family-Channel viewing.

That's about one and a third panels. The completed panel is folded in half. I plan to make this one three panels wide, since it's for a little boy and not a full grown adult. I'm hoping blocking will make it much much wider than it appears here. Any thoughts? Remember, blocking is supposed to iron out all those lovely ridges! I almost wish they'd stay, though - they are a very entertaining part of this knit!!

The writing prompt for Holidalies 2008 is to remember (and blog about) your most vivid holiday memory from last season.

I'm not sure I have one most vivid. I remember knitting lots (habit/routine now??). And, I remember it being very quiet around this house.

It was the first Christmas without my beloved grandmother. It was also the first Christmas that my sister lived overseas, so we didn't have her and my brother-in-law visiting or even close-by (relatively). So it was very, very quiet here.

I also remember the love I put into the knitting I did - an on-my-0wn sweater for The Boy that he seemed to really like (but hasn't put on yet this year), and a cute little scarf for my secret pal from work (who I get to knit baby stuff for as soon as Christmas knitting is over!).

Other than that, nothing really stands out as a vivid, jaw-stopping memory. Last year was just a nice, homey Christmas. This year may prove to be busier since the boy is into more stuff, and this year's break seems to be plenty long enough - two weeks and two days for him, two weeks even for me. I'm coming up with an activity plan, because we pretty much just took it easy over Thanksgiving. I want to play tourist (i.e. visit the museums in DC) and get in some good, cultural activities while we are off together this time.

So far, the plans include:
1. Seeing the trees on the National Mall (this is on the plan each year, and my cold-hating self wimps out every year - NOT this one!!!)
2. Seeing Polar Express in 3-D at the IMAX downtown
3. Visiting the new "oceans" exhibit at the Museum of Natural History
4. Watching the Washington Wizards play (I know, not very cultural, but we love sitting in the cheap seats and spying on everyone - you can see everything from up there!!)

What do YOU plan to do this holiday season???



Blogger nerdynunchucks said...

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Blogger nerdynunchucks said...

I've seen a pattern for that blanket and have wondered what it would look like. I really like it :)

Keep up the good work!

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