Friday, December 05, 2008

The Rush Is On

I have only one knit this year (left) for Christmas. Should be no problem, right?

Heh. Yeah right - not when it's an entire Lizard Ridge blanket that I want to knit!

I am knitting it for my son, for him to take to his dad's house, to snuggle on the couch (dad keeps his house a tad cooler than ours, and, well, he misses his mom when he's away!). I originally started the blanket for myself, back in the Spring. The Boy saw all the wonderful colors, and decided he'd like one too! I decided the one square I'd already made would be a great place to start with his. So, I'm knitting a version of the LR blanket for him. (Later, I'll do one in Silk Garden for myself.)

His version is being knit with the following alterations: I'm knitting three panels nonstop. When I switch colors (every 12th row, not every 6th), I just keep going and going and going. The first panel is about 20 sets of 12 rows long. Plenty long enough (and three panels wide will be wide enough) for a cuddle on the couch blanket.

I'm only slightly worried about finishing in time. The colors keep me interested, the short row pattern makes me concentrate once in a while, and the stockinette between is soothing and familiar. The wool, however, is giving my pointer finger on my "throwing" hand the fits! The joint where my finger and hand connect is very sore, and doesn't like it much at all!

Is it bad to need Alleve to get your Christmas knitting done?

So, what do YOU plan to knit for Christmas? What have you finished? What do you still have planned? I'd love to hear about it! I love how productive this time of the year is! If only I didn't have that pesky job taking up most of my waking hours!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in to scarves this year. Quick, and simple. I've made 5 and still have one to go. I should also be making two hats, but I'm not likely to have that done in time. Oh well. There's always Mrs. Prindables for those folks! ; )

10:48 PM  

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