Sunday, March 16, 2008

Picture update

Hey, y'all. All I have time for is a basic picture update right now. It's officially Spring Break, the boy is with his dad for one last day, and I NEED to enjoy my last minutes of freedom with "nothing" to do. I plan to 1) watch Pride and Prejudice, while 2) finishing Sooper Seekrit, then 3) going to yoga class. I refuse to answer the phone. Every time I do, someone needs me to do something. I'm on "my" time, and I refuse. I'm not even cleaning, though Lord knows, I need to. I went to church this morning, so I feel very justified in taking the rest of the day for "rest." :O)

Anyway! Yesterday, I went to see my sick auntie. She's had shingles, bless her heart. I do not EVER want to get this. I WILL be getting the vaccine as soon as I am old enough, and continuing with my yoga practice to make sure I am never feeling stress enough to allow this stuff to come out in me! It's serious, y'all. She has been miserable, and my mom and I figured some company that could take care of itself and not care if her carpets needed vacuuming was just what she needed.

We took some crafty goodness with us:

We needed to work on making handprints into fish. My mom is making a quilt for my son's class to auction off, and she'd already gotten them to make their handprints, but then the technical part of making scales and smiles was needed. This worked like a charm to pep up my dear auntie (who I call "Muffett"), and she was off to being creative, which she really has a knack for. I even had her do The Boy's handprint, cause I didn't wanna mess it up. Look at this final picture. Any of the fish who have their scales on backwards were done by me. I suck. But, they are cute, and once in a while, fish swim to their own beat, just like people, right?

Then, I also had the chance to felt the bags I've been meaning to. I LOVED IT!!! Here's the one for my Hogwarts Pal:

And here's the one for me:

Forgive me for not mentioning the patterns, I need to get to lounging, and I've actually misplaced the pattern for my bag, but I will do some searching when I get around to cleaning this week, and I'll report back. Promise!

Hope everyone is being crafty and productive, healthy and happy! Happy Spring Break!



Anonymous Jenn said...

I want the pattern for the blue bag! I have the perfect yarn for it!

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:32 AM  
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