Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lil' More

Okay, here's a bit more of my haul from Stitches (see, I told you it was a lot). But, since this is "Theweekendfromhell" I can't stay long!

Here's a shot my spinning! Yes, spinning. I took a class from Merike Saarnit on the drop spindle (which she does NOT use as a drop). I think I really like it. I was very excited that I was making yarn, and feel pretty confident that I can make some that will produce likeable finished products. That was my whole issue going into spinning to begin with. If I can't make stuff I'd want to knit with as much as the stuff I buy, then why go to the trouble? Well, the answer is: because it's neat.

I got a bit carried away, however. The stuff you see on the spindle? Yeah, it was so much that the hotel room wasn't long enough for me to ply it! To do that, I was taught to hook it to a chair leg and walk back until you had the entire length straightened out next to each other, in order to let them wind around each other bit by bit. I didn't think that me standing in the hallway of the hotel was a good idea (I was by myself, with no other crazyknitter people, or I'd have done it - I need backup to be too eccentric!) So, anyway - I'm supposed to be keeping this brief! The purple is some Romney (roving, I think) that I'll spin up one of these days. I was very, very greedy and took the whole bag! It was a very nice color, with some brownish-tan in there once in a while, and I really liked it. I'm thinking I'll wait on this until I'm more confident, then knit a vest. Maybe the Back-to-School vest? Maybe by the next time it's back to school, I'll be ready. If the force is with me! Oh, and I got it from Woolbearers.

Next is some CHEAP undeyed mohair that I found at The Yarn Barn. Each skein was $4.00. That means there's an entire shawl for $8.00. And, of course, I have one in mind. That was the theme of this year's Stitches - if you don't know what to do with it, don't buy it! I do, however, plan to dye it first. I'll probably do that and the wool from Allenholm Farms at the same time. It'll be a little study in dyes and different fibers!

Also in that picture is some cool RED sock yarn from Sockotta. I am a bit sensitive to wool, so I like a blend in my socks, and Sockotta has one that's got a lot of cotton in it! YUM! Especially when it's red!!! I'm thinking some red Monkeys would be great, but sock yarn doesn't have to have a specific purpose, remember?

And the other red thing(s) in the picture? Those are two hanging organizers (for yarn, of course!) I got them from the same brilliant woman who made me this bag:

It's cool, huh? I had been looking for a new bag (that wasn't the size of my house), and I absolutely refuse to pay $100 + for a knitting bag. It's just so not worth it. If your name isn't Coach or Dooney-whoever, you're just not gonna get it from me (and then only if there's a massive, massive sale!!!!). This bag is really cool, sturdy patent-leather with a contrasting fabric trim. The fabric that you see on the handles and the bow outside? It's also used inside to make cool, deep pockets on the inside! And - drumroll please. . . . . . It cost all of $45! I fell in love instantly, but waited until Sunday to go back and order my bag (and it came in the mail here on Friday). The company is Mind Your Knitting, and she makes really cool stuff. Go check her out.

Oh, and next to the bag is my new, eco-friendly yoga block and strap. I'm really loving the yoga thing and - BONUS - I've lost 5 pounds since starting WITHOUT EVEN TRYING!!! And believe me, I haven't been THAT careful with what I eat! I'm also noticing an appetite suppressing type effect that I'm attributing to the yoga as well. Just not that hungry, and I have a bit more self control these days! I LOVE yoga!

I'm off to finish my weekendfromhell. Y'all have fun now!



Blogger Rani said...

more stash on the way . . .

Bubblie ;-)

6:57 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

I totally agree about $100+ knitting bags - I don't even like spending that much on a bag if it DOES say Coach, etc. Have a great weekend!!

7:38 AM  

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