Sunday, September 23, 2007

SWAG, As Promised

So, yesterday I promised to post pictures of the new yarn acquisitions from my quick trip to Vermont. I will not disappoint. I also will blog more, if it kills me. I am getting behind, and not being a very good blogger these days. Seems like keeping my job and being an "okay" mom are taking the front seat. Heh. Go figure. Here's exhibit A:

This is how one of my socks-in-progress and I spent this afternoon. Pee-wee soccer. Gotta love it. What you can't see here because of the cheering parents' arm is The Boy playing goalie. We can't determine if he liked playing goalie as much as he liked being on the field, but this was his FIRST GAME EVER, so he's got plenty of time to figure it out!

I am very concerned about some of the other parents on the team, though. If they get THIS excited over Pee-wee soccer, what the heck will happen when/if their child ever hits the big time? Let's just say - the level of cheering startled me equally as well here, this afternoon as it did the one time I went to a Redskins game. Now that's some enthusiasm!!!

Okay, on to the promised yarn/knitting/shopping update.

Remember the farm I posted about yesterday? The one where The Boy was allowed to drive the tractor back from the apple fields? Well, I picked up some really great yarn made from Rosie, a sheep they have there at the petting zoo (this is a totally awesome apple farm - you should visit if you're ever in the area!). The name on the label is Yellow Dog Farm, but all I cared about was the link to South Hero (the town where my Grammy lived), and that it was undeyed so I can test out my dyeing skills. Okay, if you believe that, you don't know me very well. I'd probably have bought it even if it were puke yellow, but since it is natural, I plan to try dyeing. Anyone have a good recommendation for method/brands/styles?? Here's the yarn:

I also had a chance to visit a cute lil' yarn shop that, sadly, is going out of business! If I hadn't been pressed for time - so much wool, family members waiting on me! - I'd have taken a picture of the outside of the shop. The name was Knitters Laine, and they have the entire store at 20%off AT LEAST! Some things are more. I took advantage of the situation to do this:

I've been wanting a new knitting bag and couldn't choose between two different ones. I chose this black and red one, then later wished I'd gotten the yellow and green one from the same designer. It was more structured, more like a backpack, and had zippered closures inside. Ah, well, I do love the colors of this one, and it's HUGE, which means lots of yarn can fit inside. That means that same yarn won't be all over my living room, so I'm happy with the one I got after all. But I still wish I had the other one as well.

Also seen is a nice little stash of Silky Wool, which I've been wanting for absolutely ever. I chose a nice dark, tweedy plum color, and I can't decide if it will become the Back-To-School vest or the Textured Tunic, both from the Fitted Knits book, but I've got enough for either pattern (will have leftovers if I do the vest), and I'm in the middle of several projects right now, so I'm sure I have plenty of time to decide.

The other things in the picture are some maple candies I brought back to the other 1st grade teachers I work with, and a comfy sweat-pants and top that I got from the Bass outlet in Burlington.

So, now that I've fulfilled my obligation, I need to go get some work, I mean knitting, no, I really should do some work. . . . arg, I'm outta here!



Blogger Heather said...
are good articles to get you started. I did some dying with a friend using the wiltons gel food color that turned out really nice. We used some easter egg dyes, too. And another friend and her son did some koolaid dying in a crockpot last fall that became his teacher gift last holiday... too much fun. My boys loved it and everytime Laurie came over they started bobbing up and down begging to dye more yarn!

6:02 AM  

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