Saturday, August 18, 2007


Somehow, I'm thinking that I want the desks to be different - maybe set off at angles rather than so boxed up? - but I'm not sure. However, the room is ready! The teacher? Not so! I can't believe Monday is the first day of school! It took me much longer, it seems, this year than last year to set up my classroom. This could, possibly be because I wasn't just setting up a new classroom, I was unpacking an "old" classroom from 20 boxes. I've already informed my EX that next year, his vacation needs to coincide with my setup week, not the first week of school.

The reality is, that it didn't really take any longer this year, I just had stuff to do, whereas last year, The Boy was gone on vacation with his daddy, and I could put in the late nights throughout the week and didn't have to bring home all the first day plans, etc in order to be ready Monday morning. Nope, I just did it because I like to be prepared. This time? I'm doin' it so I WILL BE prepared, otherwise, I'd be wingin' it!

The pictures you see were taken last night at about 9:05. After that, I went down the hall to the rest of my first/Kindergarten team to see who still needed help. You see, they are starting renovations on our school building, and have taken the first "Pod" (aka open-area), and turned it into 4 separate classrooms with walls. If I hadn't been so exhausted, I'd have taken a picture of them, too, cause that's the really exciting part. The classrooms are beautiful (if a little green), technologically advanced, and, in usual school-system style, NOT FINISHED. They have no boards. No bulletin boards, no chalkboards, NO. BOARDS. The boss-lady was able to get one "temporary" board for each teacher - but the usual fruity, fluffy displays for the first day of school are markedly absent in most of the rooms, which makes them look a bit industrial, and not at all like a primary classroom. Sad. Very sad. Hopefully it will all be remedied in about 2 weeks, so I'll try to have pictures up then.

Until then, looky what I did with an empty space:

This is the reading table - where I will meet with small groups for Reading and Math. You can also see the library off in the far right corner - well, part of it at least. I purchased a carpet for $20 at Home Depot when I went in for plants and spray paint for my room as well. Good deal.

And here is the center area that I set up this year. I plan to have only one or two choices of what to do at each center this year. Last year there was a ton of choice, and things were not taken care of properly, so my goal is to be on top of this a little better. We don't do much with centers the first little while, though, so this picture just shows the cosmetic, first day appearance! I still need to make the center assignment chart that will hang in the blank space on this board. By the way - behind the board is the girls coat closet. Also need to make a sign for the top of the closet!

And here is the morning meeting/read-aloud area. This space is bigger than the one I was in last year, as evidenced by the fact that I was able to bring in my rocking chair finally. I had to dust about an inch of dust off it (it's been at my ex's house all this time), but anyway! I am considering finding another carpet for this area, but I'm also thinking about putting little dots on the floor where they will need to sit. It's amazing how assigned seating spaces on the carpet helps with attention!

So, there you have it. I'm off now to buy the teacher her treat for getting ready so efficiently - a new outfit for the first day of school! I think I deserve it! Oh, and there just MAY be some new yarn involved in the package, too! I've been such a good girl!



Blogger Theresa said...

Your room looks so nice! Yah rocking chair! Enjoy your weekend.

9:04 AM  
Blogger Rani said...

Hooray! Did I mention that I am an ex-kindergarten teacher??!! I LOVED IT AND I MISS IT!

The classroom looks great! So much to look forward too.


7:44 PM  

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