Thursday, August 02, 2007

How's My Logic?

Okay - tell me if this is faulty logic or not. I say NOT:

Back in June, my family went to the beach for a week. I, just having finished my first year back in the classroom, saw this - 7 days of not reporting to work - as an eternity, in which I would be able to get some internet surfing done, plan lessons for next year for my team, knit a bit, read a book, and maybe even listen to my ipod. (don't laugh so loudly - I am right here!)

I packed for all these possibilities, Apparently, I thought that the safest place for my ipod cord was with my laptop. I put it in with the laptop cords in that nice, safe little size zipper pocket.

This is a fact it seems I forgot the minute it was done. I have searched and searched for that cord. I undid every bag I took with me - even the knitting bags! Sheesh! I couldn't find it anywhere. But, since I was pretty sure I didn't take it out of anything, I neglected to do anything about it until recently. Before the trip this past weekend, I went to the lovely Target (you did use your French accent for that word, right?) and while I was there, I picked up an "air docking station." This was supposed to charge up the ipod, and also allow it to sync with the computer, etc, etc. When I bought it, I thought it was $49.99. Bad, I know, but nowhere near the $69.99 it actually was. I decided to hold off on opening the package and look around some more.

Well, lo and behold, I found it when I actually opened my laptop case yesterday to do some work - the work I was supposed to have been working on all Summer long! Oy!

So, this afternoon, I returned it, along with two sports bras that were (yay!) too big. The amount refunded to my credit card was just over $100.00. Aaaaaaaannnnnnddddd. . . . .

That means I'm thinkin' that this yarn:

Was actually FREE YARN, cause it cost less than half that, and I didn't go buying more stuff at Target after the return, so the $50-something I spent on the yarn and magazine never really even had an impact on my checking account balance.

How's THAT for logic?

Oh, and Bublie, don't look too hard - you may or may not be seeing the yarn that I may or may not be knitting up for you. Look away, look away!!!!!



Blogger Bubblie said...

Why are you even questioning your logic. Of course it makes perfect sense! It's almost as though you've MADE money!

Spend away!

(I won't look) . . . fingers are crossed behind my back.

2:14 PM  

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