Friday, July 06, 2007


Uh, dude - we broke Yahoo. Not good.

Please, please, please, please, please, Yahoo - forgive us, don't kick us out! We'll be good next time! We promise!

So I tried for a solid hour this morning (9am,EST to 10am) to get into Yahoo, period. A couple times I got the welcome screen for our group, but it would not let me sign in - "cannot find server" was the favorite phrase.

I gave up, took a shower, fixed "brunch" for me and The Boy (he and I are on similar Summer schedules - get up when you feel like it, eat when you're hungry, go out in the early afternoon to explore/adventure/find mommy some yarn, beads, buttons, etc!:O) Now, I am finally in and have printed out the second "clue" in Mystery Stole 3! Since I'm only on row 50 of the first clue, it's not really that big a deal to me. I was hoping for another clue as to the theme, but for now I'll settle with reading the clues my peers are suggesting. There are some interesting ones out there so far, but I don't know that I'm completely agreeing with anyone just yet. Maybe after a little more knitting.

Later:And on that note, I have decided that I am not 100% happy with the yarn I chose to begin with, and have now switched to the wonderful black colored Acero yarn I got from Brooks Farm at Stitches East last year. It took some consideration.

After looking over a good number of the photos in the yahoo group this morning, I noticed that many were more "solid" on the knitted portions than my first 50 or so rows that I managed to get through last night (while listening to The Order of the Phoenix, in preparation for Wednesday). It was just too open. I briefly considered reknitting with a size 3 needle, but I really was not thrilled with the beads I had on hand to go with my yarn, either. They were gold tubular type beads, and with the Autumn colorway, I just wasn't thrilled.

So I wandered around, peeking into my stash (which is in different bins all around the house). For a moment, I thought I had some eggplant colored Misti Alpaca that would work, but that, unfortunately, is worsted weight. Now, I did want a bit of a more substantial yarn, but worsted is pushing it. When I saw the black Acero hanging out (I was considering it for Wicked a while back, but reconsidered), I knew that was gonna be it.

I swatched:

While swatching, I realized that the iridescent green-ish beads that I had on-hand would work with this yarn. I think it will be a very interesting and beautiful stole. Here's the beginning. You can almost see the beads, but the lighting is weird:

Here's another shot where you can see that I am actually going to need to use clear beads in the center of the shawl and put the green on the outside edges only - won't have enough of either to do the whole shawl, and I'm probably going to actually have to go pick up another pack of the clear beads to be safe. Which is good, cause the clear ones came from AC Moore. The green? A specialty bead shop in Kitty Hawk, NC (last year). Not too good a chance of getting more of those! So here's the beads.

Drop a comment and let me know what you think. Yes, this will be a more substantial stole than with laceweight yarn, but I just wasn't happy with it - I kept thinking - I'm gonna break this thing, or snag it the first time I use it. I'm just not a delicate, lace, flowery-kinda gal! Wayyyyyy too clumsy for that! :O)

I think it's turning out just great, and have already knit the first 82 rows from Clue 1. With all the reading/listening I have to do this week, I'm bound to catch all the other speeding bullets out there!


Blogger Susie said...

This looks fantastic in the black - great idea to use those special beads at the edge and fill in with the clear ones. I am on row 115. WIll be blogging progress on my own blog later on, once I get pics uploaded. Good luck to you!!


7:16 AM  

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