Sunday, October 29, 2006

Death by Socks - Pictures even!

I neglected to post this in my busy-ness here lately. I entered Sock-Wars (link to appear later), and was promptly offed by this fabulous pair of socks. They were the "shot heard round the world" literally. The yarn was gathered by a woman in Utah, who herself was offed by a woman in Australia. Hence, Utah lady had to send her weapon (the yarn in this case) to the Australian lady. The Australian lady managed to knit them up and send them off to finish their target (me) in the same amount of time it took me to knit my weapon (a steel gray pair), and send those on to my own (but completely different) target, also in Australia.

I know, sounds confusing, but basically, you just knit and send the socks on! It was not entirely unpleasant being killed by this pink and green pair - they're quite nice and keep my toes nice and warm. Why is it that when it first gets cold, you feel like you'll never be warm again, even though you know darned-right-well that it will be much, much colder than this before Spring arrives again???

Ah, well, enjoy - cause I am!


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