Sunday, March 01, 2009


A while ago, I wrote something for a teeny, tiny commission. This past week, the goody I purchased with the commission came in. Looks like fun to me!!!

Silk hankies from Shunklies ETSY store.

Here's the box I'm storing the project in. On the left, you see the dyed hankies - she did a wonderful job! To the right, you see the "roving" made from pulling the hankies apart. It's now waiting to be plied with some merino/tussah I'm spinning as part of Project Spectrum. Yum!

I'm liking the idea of spinning the hankies. I'm a big fan of Rexenne at YouTube, who has great tutorial videos for spinning, and of course, she's got a good one for spinning and preparing silk hankies!! She actually plies the drafted "roving" directly with an already spun single of another fiber for an interesting yarn. Great idea.

I plan to see how it goes with spinning/plying in this way, then possibly getting my hands on some undeyed ones to spin and dye with! Since this is a Project Spectrum undertaking, I'm hoping there will be progress shots and updates here in a timely fashion.

First, however, I need to get "Michelle" off the bobbins on my wheel. I plan to ply this afternoon. "Michelle" is the name I've given to my purple spinning project from the Creatively Dyed fiber I've been working with. I was spinning some rolags from the fiber the other night when I was watching the President address congress, and noticed - again - that the first lady really likes the color purple. So, the resulting yarn is now "Michelle." She will probably be knit up into the Mistake-Rib vest I've been coveting out of Dsigner One Skein. I think I'll have enough, and that the two skeins are similarly weighted. I think.

And, while we're talking about the Obamas - I met my first little Barak yesterday. He's 7 months old and very cute. Remember the cartoon? Yup. It's coming!

Other than that, I am continuing to screw up my knitwear - there's something to be said about consistency!!! I "finished" Frances last night. Or so I thought. I completed the directions according to what I believed the instructions said. Apparently, English is NOT my native language. I knit the neck inside out. Argh.

Well, now I have a baby shower gift to knit, so it'll probably have to wait until I'm finished with that before I have the heart to rip it out and knit the neck again. Argh - again!

Gratuitous shot of the Briar Rose BFL I bought because I just couldn't stand it!!

I'm off to fin the dummy instructions for the Baby Surprise Jacket - we don't need any 'surprises' with this knit, too! - and to watch the snow fall and hope it gets pretty outside, but not so pretty that school is closed tomorrow. Delay only, Mother Nature, delay only!!!



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