Sunday, February 08, 2009

Odds Are . . .

You know that saying - "One step forward and two steps back." - that one??

Well, I've got that one beat, hands down.

Over the past week, I've finished two WIPs!

First off, The Boy now has his kool-aid dyed sock blank socks. This past summer, my mother and I created one afternoon in the backyard (lord, the mosquitoes loved us that day!!). I was so very proud of the spark within that thought of this twist to the dyeing process:

Then The Boy claimed it for his own. DANG!!!!

But it's totally worth it - they fit like a dream and he wore them from the time I gave them to him till last night's shower.

I also finished the All Aboard I was knitting in Silk Garden. I am now engaged to be married to some Silk Garden. It's a match made in heaven.

I was planning on wearing this tomorrow, but since The Boy is in bed with a fever right now, I'm going to be lounging in my jammies tomorrow, playing nurse, NOT dressed in all black with this over the top. I'll give an update on Tuesday instead!

Soooo, with all this finishing, I DESERVE to cast on a little something, right? Don't worry - I've been very restrained. I really, really wanted to cast on for about 2,000 things - socks from the grab-bag stash, a falling leaves shawl with some Kauni that's calling to me in my sleep, the Shawl Cardigan I've been wanting to try with my prize yarn from Stitches - the list goes on and on!!!

However - I only cast on for Frances Revisited. It's going very quickly, but I'm feeling the need to put it on another needle and try it on to make sure it's giving The Girls plenty of space. With how open this gague is knitting up, I don't need to be obscene with it!!

So, that's TWO steps forward (FO's) and only ONE step back (casting on again). I wonder how many times I need to do this dance till I completely run out of WIPs???? Nah, that'll never happen!!

P.S. I totally scored some free fiber today! Seeing as how it was 70 degrees outside today, The Boy and I ventured out to show some friends our favorite hang out - Watkins Park. Of course, that meant we had to go see the animals at the farm. While there, I talked to the head Naturalist, and asked what they do with the shearings and clippings from the animals (three sheep, two llamas and - GASP - an angora goat). She said she normally gives most of it to a friend who comes in to help with the 'wool day' even they hold each spring because the friend brings in her spinning wheel and does demonstrations and talks all day. She asked why I wanted it, and I said - "Same reason - to spin!" We agreed that if I come with my spindles (the other spinner uses a wheel), she'd let me leave with some fiber. YES!!! Gotta love that!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - wow I really love the colour of your WIP's. The greens are marvelous :-)

9:09 AM  
Blogger Rani said...

Those green socks ROCK! They remind me of the little green frogs that stick to my windows at night during the summer.

I am impressed with your self-control. And way to go on the FO's!! WHOOP WHOOP! I must try to follow your example.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Gee finishing WIP items,you rock Heather!lol.I love the green socks.Hope my knitting skills would level up like you.And good news about the fiber.I bet youre

P.S. Ill be waiting for your next pictures.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, when is wool day? Maybe I'll be there? Angora goat...I guess you don't want me to send you 2 kilos of Azerbaijani fleece then? LOL.

You know that stuff is dirty right? I mean with poop, lots of poop...and you have to clean it...I'm just saying...not a task for the weak stomach.

12:07 PM  

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