Sunday, November 02, 2008

Thing of Wonder

Wanna guess what I did all day? Here's a hint:

The Boy has been hinting, and I've been thinking, that he needed some "big boy" legos. We have long since graduated from the mega-blocks of the toddler years, although he has recently tried to get me to build something with him out of them. He's been working really hard at school - his reading has taken off, and he gave a wonderful presentation on Trinidad and Tobego on Friday during International Day at his school.

So, today, the mega-blocks sit in a bag of things to give away, and he is the new proud owner of several alien invasion-type vehicles, thanks to his willingness and ability to follow directions. Here they are:

I was truly amazed at my son's ability to pay attention to one thing for such a long time. On our trip to Target today, we had planned on picking up the mid-sized set of alien invasion legos as his reward for hard work. Once we got there, they had a cute little $4.99 kit that we couldn't pass up, so we brought that one home, too. I could barely stop him from opening the boxes in the car.

We got home at 2:00 by 2:15 we were well-entrenched in the book on how to make the first spaceship. He'd already put the people/aliens together himself.

By 5:30 we were finished. He worked straight through. I took a phone call/Ravelry break once. He worked with my mother in my absence. I am truly amazed. Look at the concentration on his face in that picture. He was enthralled! He has never, ever paid this much attention to one subject, unless it was the Disney Channel.

Legos, I love you!!!

We had a truly wonderful day together, thanks to those legos. I am hooked, and plan to reward him with many, many packages to come!

In knitting news, I am learning a lesson on gauge, or actually how gauge sometimes doesn't mean squat. The yarn I've been essentially swatching with all weekend long should work with the Snow White pattern I'd like to knit, only, in ribbing (the stitch pattern for the entire sweater), it doesn't. Wanna know how I know? Because about 3 inches after this picture:

the ribbing will barely cover my lower waist/top of my hips. It's tight. Snug. It measures only 15 inches when fully stretched. It should measure at least 18. I may cry. It's a good thing this part of the sweater has taken a relatively short amount of time. The thing I'm upset at is having to do the tubular cast-on all over again. Really, really cry. I mean it! While I spin this evening (something I won't have to rip out and do over again, unlike the two recent attempts to begin a new sweater), I will consider how best to handle this - I'm thinking restart the sweater, following one of the larger sizes. Since my gauge is clearly off, if I knit a bigger size, I should be okay. Question is, which one? I'm thinking the next-to-largest, the 2X. I hate to have to knit that size, but since it's to cover a gauge problem, I think I might be able to handle it! Any thoughts???

I'm off to spin.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larger needles! You are NOT a 2x...But this is a Snow White pattern so maybe the sizes are dwarf sizes...yeah, maybe.

10:08 AM  

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